Monitoring and Forecasting: A Powerful Duo

Smartwatt forecasting platform being integrated in Energy Studio Pro®

You may know that a bunch of theoretical physicists are investigating the so-called Theory of Everything slated to fully explain all physical aspects of the universe. A fascinating point of the theory is the alleged existence of an equation that could predict the movement of every single particle in the universe from start to finish, across past, present and future.

While waiting for the ultimate equation to arrive and tell what would happen in the rest of our lives, a Portuguese company—Smartwatt—decided to develop a series of forecasting tools that works nicely in a number of business fields and in particular in the energy space. Smartwatt intelligent algorithms can predict wind force and direction, sun irradiance, lightning strikes and even production and consumption of energy. For energy companies, the impact of using forecasts is huge as it limits for employees the exposure to accidents, reduces sick leaves for bad weather diseases, improves productivity, increases the reputation of the company and, last but not least, cuts down insurance premiums and legal costs.

Smartwatt has tremendous skills when it comes to data models and machine-learning algorithms to extract valuable and juicy information from an otherwise dead sea of data and was looking for a partner that could create volume to their quite effective forecasting services. At the same time, in the constant effort to improve the range of features that its flagship product Energy Studio Pro® provides, BaxEnergy was just looking for a similar set of forecasting services to integrate. It was an easy deal then and one of the best types ever, driven by a strong and intrinsic mutual interest.

Using Smartwatt’s most advanced tools based on predictive algorithms, big data, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence with BaxEnergy solutions is the perfect way to create powerful tools into the renewable energy sector, finding better ways to optimize and manage energy production and to increase our clients profits” said Tiago Santos, Intelligence Solutions Manager at Smartwatt. So, BaxEnergy and Smartwatt partnered and the results will be visible very soon in the next release of Energy Studio Pro®. As soon as the integration is complete, customers will be able to access detailed wind, irradiance, power and even reasonably accurate lightning strikes forecasts for their power plants. “I worked hard to bring Smartwatt forecasts into Energy Studio Pro® but a lot remains to do.” said Rui Carneiro, BaxEnergy Commercial Director for Portugal. “The next step, in fact, will be translating forecasts into concrete and intelligent workflows that will bring power plant management into a new era where decision making, maintenance planning and health&safety procedures will be seamlessly supported by this advanced platform.”

The partnership with BaxEnergy is extremely important to us because it’s the fastest and most effective way to reach the important markets abroad, adding value to the energy sector and merging two perfect tools to manage energy systems” said Jorge Araújo, CEO of Smartwatt.

That’s just the point in end. Monitoring and forecasting are really a powerful duo and now they’re joined in Energy Studio Pro®. All in a single place, anytime, anywhere.

About Smartwatt

Smartwatt main core is energy systems optimization, from project to installation and to the assets management in real-time, covering the value chain from top to bottom. The company has a culture of future. The Smartwatt team develops solutions that increase the efficiency of their customers’ business processes. The company mission is empowering their partner’s energy systems with the most advanced tools and processes for optimizing energy consumption, renewable energy production and maintenance operations, making energy simple, safe, affordable and sustainable. For additional info, please visit

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BaxEnergy is dedicated to deliver innovative turnkey solutions to renewable energy players for complete visualization, data analysis and optimization covering the entire Asset Management process of their power plants. The aim of the company is to make renewable energy easier, more efficient, affordable and secure, contributing to build a greener world for the benefit of present and future generations. BaxEnergy was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with offices in Italy, Portugal and South Africa. For additional information about the company and service offers, please visit:

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