• In 2021, BaxEnergy is set to lift & shift the formerly managed assets, the upgrade being part of a wider project that includes the integration of Kafireas, a major wind facility constructed by Enel Green Power on the island of Evia in Greece.
  • Enel Green Power and BaxEnergy have been collaborating since 2014, when the latter provided a complete turnkey solution (hardware, software, and services) for the local Control Room located in Athens to monitor and control all the renewable assets of the company which amounts today a total capacity of more than 480MW.

Inaugurated in October 2019, the Kafireas wind facility is composed of seven wind farms and is the largest of its kind in the country. Located in the municipality of Karystos (Evia), has a total installed capacity of over 154 MW and is able to generate approx. 480 GWh per year.

In order to minimize the environmental footprint, sustainable practices were adopted throughout construction activity. Among others, “sustainable construction site” model, included the installation of temporary photovoltaic panels to limit CO2 emissions, the reuse of 10 tons of wooden pallets in cooperation with the local community and the recycling of 550,000 tons of excavation products.

All above are in line with the Creating Shared Value (CSV) model adopted by the Enel Group, which aims to combine business development and local community needs in order to promote sustainability.

Other initiatives being carried out include the reforestation of the wild chestnut forest of Kastanologgos of 64 hectares, with the aim to recreate and protect the wider ecosystem, support forestry activities, as well as promoting sustainable tourism.

Project insights

The project embraces a full range of improvements which go from the upgrade of Energy Studio Pro ® to version X, the migration to a new hosting infrastructure and the integration of the Kafireas wind facility, together with other multi-technology assets.

In detail, the upgrade to ESP-X will provide enhancements in:

Assets portfolio

The lift will optimize the Control Room Visualization, enable the mobile portfolio monitoring​, customize cards and pieces to visualize most relevant information, also enabling the real-time KPIs status visualization of a large number of power plants​.

Business Intelligence driving operations

This will allow to customize dashboards to get power plants and portfolio performance overview,​configure custom KPI calculation for dashboards and analytics​, provide yearly, monthly, weekly or daily views​ and daily refresh of dashboards data for fast and efficient planning of intervention based on up-to-date information​.

Smart Event Management​ & Operational Efficiency

The features will grant the possibility to configure custom process on plants and assets’ status timelines​, the integration of OEM logbook, calculated events and manually inserted events​ and  the customization of KPIs calculation like multiple time and energy availability formulas.

Mobile custom SCADA HMI​

The module will enable operational excellence through HTML5 SCADA screens which will be fully mobile compatible​ and simplified screen composer which will allow the creation of new screens with visual drag and drop.

Business Rule Engine​

Ultimately, the feature will ensure a visual programming interface for workflow automation​ and the implementation of automated processes based on scheduling, event or other condition triggers.

“We are pleased to keep on collaborating with Enel Green Power and we are especially excited to start this new project which will see the integration of the largest wind facility in Greece in BaxEnergy’s latest product version, ESP-X. The solution will increase the overall efficiency of assets and provide a secure mobile access to enable Greece’s team to react faster to faults and to perform troubleshooting remotely” affirms Giovanni Tusa, Project Manager at BaxEnergy.



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