IPCEI Hy2Tech: BaxEnergy invests in clean hydrogen to boost energy transition

Hydrogen is beginning to show its potential and BaxEnergy is ready to offer innovative solution for the entire value chain

The transition to renewable energy sources, which are evolving faster than any other form of energy, combined with energy efficiency, represents the key to fight the climate change in the decades to come. In this context, clean hydrogen it’s now seen as one of the most important vector of the energy transition and industry decarbonization.

The European Union is embracing this strand of thought, setting the course in terms of energy transition with industry specific targets and initiative, such as IPCEI Hy2Tech. 
The IPCEI Hy2Tech consists in € 5.4 billion in public funding and will cover a large part of the hydrogen value chain, from generation technologies to those of use, through storage, transport and distribution of hydrogen. 

The goals of IPCEI Hy2Tech

The goal is to contribute to the development of important discoveries and applications, including new materials for highly efficient electrodes, more performing fuel cells. In detail, it will involve 41 projects from 35 companies in 15 Member States, including 8 SMEs and start-ups. 

Among the selected Italian projects are those of Enel Green Power, Ansaldo, Fincantieri, Iveco Italia, Alstom Ferroviaria and De Nora (in partnership with Snam), in addition to the project presented by two research institutions, ENEA and Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK). The Italian projects envisage the creation of a supply chain dedicated to the development of electrolysers, fuel cells, technologies for the storage, transmission and distribution of hydrogen, up to the elements to be used in the transport sector.

Direct participants will cooperate closely with each other through numerous planned collaborations and with over 300 external partners,such as universities, research organizations and businesses across Europe, creating around 20,000 direct jobs.

The results of the IPCEI will be widely shared by the participating companies who will benefit from public support with the scientific community and European industry beyond the companies and countries that are part of the IPCEI. As a result, the Commission explains, “positive spillover effects will be generated throughout Europe”.

“Hydrogen has enormous potential for the future,” said Executive Vice President Margrethe Vestager, head of competition policy. “Investing in such innovative technologies can however be risky for one Member State or for just one company. This is where the state aid rules for IPCEI have a role to play “.

Europe calls, BaxEnergy responds!

BaxEnergy strongly believes in the great potential of hydrogen, not just for the future to come but also for our present time. This is the motivation why our company began to invest way ahead of other competitors in the research and development of innovative software solutions capable of monitoring and controlling in real time H2 production plants (including substation, electrolyzer and HRS), analyzing plants KPIs and managing ticketing and spare parts (tickets, work orders, maintenance plans, warehouse), and providing solutions and services from Italy to Germany, France, Morocco, India and more countries in the world.

Today more and more companies are choosing BaxEnergy’s solutions to optimize the efficiency and maintenance processes, production and performance of their hydrogen plants.

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