SL NaturEnergie and BaxEnergy continue strengthening their collaboration to create successful energy stories

When Klaus Schulze commissioned his first wind turbine on his parents’ farm in 1996, only the unimaginable would happen just four years later, and Schulze would start his soon to be very successful company, Windenergie GmbH, which would eventually evolve into SL NaturEnergie.

Schulze hired a team of over 40 employees and fully committed to the idea of making the most populous state in Germany a showcase location for clean electricity production. With the prominent goal of protecting our climate and future generations in mind, Schulze was extremely passionate about creating a responsible energy supply system.

Since 1996, SL NaturEnergie Group has been realizing wind energy and photovoltaic projects with the aim of playing a major role in securing the energy transition in the province of North Rhine-Westphalia in western Germany, making it a prime location for the production of green electricity. 

A success story with Bax

For 10 years, BaxEnergy has supported SL NaturEnergie in its movement to be one of the top players in the energy transition.

SL NaturEnergie has put its trust in BaxEnergy to provide our customized software solutions and support the company along the way during the entire life cycle of every project, from planning to implementation and optimization.

Due to the political and legal framework conditions that surround wind energy and photovoltaic systems, SL NaturEnergie strongly believes in the local region benefiting from the experience that the company provides.

In doing so, SL gave great importance to the involvement of local partners in the planning, financing and construction of projects.

“Direct contact and short distances: This is how we want to work – and that’s why we get involved locally and not elsewhere.” – NaturEnergie 

A dominant team in the energy world

Today, the BaxEnergy team monitors the SL NaturEnergie Group’s 170+ power plants that have an output of over 350 MW. Further expansion is planned, of course, and several new projects have already started in different municipalities.

But how exactly does BaxEnergy’s software manage this?

Here at BaxEnergy, we have created top of the line software for monitoring and controlling the production cycle of renewable power plants, Energy Studio Pro® and AssetStack®, along with the most efficient solutions for industrial data collection and analysis.

Our software provides one system for all technologies and for all OEMs, hence saving you time and coincidentally, saving your energy, and this is just the beginning! 

What more can you gain?

Our solutions: 

  1.  Allow you to be independent from OEM, EPC contractors and service providers
  2.  Provide real-time and historical data from all assets
  3.  Collect and access data for the entire lifetime of the assets
  4.  Diagnose production losses and recaptures lost yield

The best part? Our software is highly flexible and customizable, and we can ensure that we will provide our partners with outstanding solutions with the utmost efficiency.

We asked Holger Dirks, Technical Operation Manager at SL NaturEnergie, to tell us what benefits and advantages his company gets every day by using our product.

He answered that “BAX gives us a good overview of the performance of our wind farms. We can monitor every disruption and can react to them accordingly. In addition, BAX allows us numerous options for analysis of turbines on our wind farms, which supports us improving and optimizing our interests continuously.”

He also added that What we particularly appreciate about Energy Studio Pro® is that the system can be tailored and expanded according to our needs, it is intuitive and also graphically attractive.”

Together, BaxEnergy and NaturEnergie have proven to be a dominant team in the energy world and will continue to strive to protect our climate, no matter how hard the wind is blowing!

“We have been working together with the BAX team in the spirit of trust for many years and will do so in the years to come.” – stated Holger Dirks.

We may not be able to control mother nature, but from right here in our control room, we will be on top of taking care of your needs so that you can sit back, relax and let us do the problem solving.

If your energy company is facing challenges, leave it up to BaxEnergy to diagnose them and provide you with your built-to-need solutions.

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