BaxEnergy wins a two-year project with American company FoxRES to digitalize the turbo compressors’ revamping industry

BaxEnergy has been entrusted by FoxRES as a technological partner for the improvement and digitalization of their turbo compressors’ revamping business.

The project is meant to drastically reduce the time needed by FoxRES to design and then produce more efficient industrial turbo compressors. BaxEnergy will do this by developing a tailor-made innovative and intelligent software system, which is intended to execute the compressor design optimization process.

Revamping of industrial compressors is a difficult mechanical engineering task, even more difficult than designing a compressor from scratch because it has more technical constraints (e.g., the case, inlet distances, existing motors or gearboxes).

This process in the industry typically takes very long time, even several months, starting from measurements of the existing compressor to the design of the new one, the manufacturing of the parts and the assembly of the final artifact.

“FoxRES core business is to redesigns and manufactures the compressor insideto make it more efficient or to modify its specifications, keeping only the external case of the old compressor” – says Mark Kuzdza, R&D director of FoxRES and continue – “The ultimate goal of the project is to provide a smart and automatized solution that’s able to optimize both the cost and the performance of the revamped compressor and meet our customers’ requirements, revamp constraints and best engineering practices.”

The software system is intended to be complemented with an “Optimizer” feature that will perform through mathematical optimization and heuristic search the compressor’s selection activities in an automatic or semi-automatic way.

Smart compressors will enhance the technical efficiency of the Oil & Gas industry, with large benefits for the environment, helping to build a greener future.” – says Dr.Simone Massaro, CEO of BaxEnergy, and goes on to add that “Our technology will guarantee significantly speed up to FoxRES’ designing and manufacturing process, and at the same time improve the expected quality of the final products.”

Industrial turbo compressor

About: FoxRES L.L.C. is an innovative American company, staffed by highly experienced rotating equipment engineers and technical specialists. This allows them to offer comprehensive technical advisory services across the full product life cycle, from pre-FEED to equipment manufacturing and commissioning.

The company’s branch offices are located in New York (in Olean, near Buffalo) and in Houston, Texas. Their core business consists in the revamping of industrial turbo-compressors.

The FoxRES team, coming from multiple OEMs and end-users, has many years of combined experience in industrial compressor revamping and with centrifugal and reciprocating compressors, steam turbines, and related auxiliary systems.

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