By combining extensive domain expertise with edge computing technologies, we provide an all-inclusive strategy able to offer turn-key hardware and software solutions together with 24/7 ICT infrastructure monitoring & cyber defense services. 

BaxEnergy Monitoring & Control Room full

BaxEnergy Monitoring & Control Room

Does your business value
live up to expectation?

Our Business Value Monitor™ is a 24×7 Service Operation Center working as a digital bodyguard that looks after the meaningful KPIs in your business.

Performed by an expert team of senior engineers, the aim of the service is to keep customers’ systems highly efficient and highly available, ensuring data quality and completeness, network integrity while monitoring critical infrastructures and data pipelines.


Business Value Monitor 24x7 Service Operation Center BaxEnergy

Mark out your security network


Offload cross-cutting concerns


Constant analysis of relevant KPIs


24/7 Assets Safeguard
& customer support


Granular security control
Data infrastructure monitoring & cyber defense services


Data integrity service
Strong authorization and flexible authentication mechanism


Data security
Corporate active directory integration and single sign-on

Artificial Intelligence as a Service

AI Power & Market Forecast BaxEnergy

Power & Market Forecast: Energy trading module forecasts power, market price and revenues from the assets, enabling customers to spend time in decision-making rather than in information-seeking

Weather and Power Forecast intelligent algorithms predict wind force and direction, sun irradiance, lightning strikes and production and consumption of energy.

For energy companies, the impact of using forecasts is huge:

  • limits exposure to accidents
  • reduces sick leaves
  • improves productivity
  • increases the reputation of the company
  • cuts down insurance premiums and legal costs
AI Outage Forecast Tool BaxEnergy

Outage Forecast tool delivers a risk index of the probability of outage on the electrical grid, identifying the number of faults and location