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Expand your Data Analytics Toolbox

Prevent major wind turbine failures with advanced performance monitoring and AI-based analytics

Optimize water usage and maximize revenues by applying AI to inflow data, rainfall forecast and energy market price, taking into account restrictions such as operating plan, quotas, start times, safety coefficient, wasted water and others

Predict faults in the electrical grid through the calculation of risk index for each section of the transmission lines

Arm your business with predictive actions

BaxEnergy intelligence combines wind, solar, hydro, geothermal power forecast techniques with your business strategy

Use AI to forecast the expected market price and energy production, enabling you to focus on decision making rather than information seeking

Establish when scheduling and executing maintenance activities are worth or not, based on power and price forecast

Optimize ROI through process automation

AI as a product 
We provide end-to-end solutions for performance analytics, status monitoring and predictive maintenance

Automated monitoring & critical alerts 
Up to 6 months early warning with a modular drill-down approach for intelligent faults detection through fleets of any size 

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Connect historical and real-time data across all technologies and manufacturers


Highly customizable user interface with alarms, SCADA and remote control


24×7 ICT
Infrastructure monitoring & Cyber Defense Services