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 SCADA apps are no longer sufficient to increase efficiency. Gain full control of operations, keep an eye on any asset of the portfolio and push a button to stop and start an entire farm across the ocean 


Energy Studio Pro® Executive Dashboard BaxEnergy

Energy Studio Pro® Executive dashboards make available assets data in real-time and provides easy-to-use automated tools which allow to quickly calculate the most meaningful KPIs and prepare advanced reports with ease.

Control the past to control the future

Slide Executive dashboard Slide Executive Report

Stay alert and don’t miss a bit!

Alarm viewer and Real Time Monitoring BaxEnergy

Alarm viewer

  • Fully automated monitoring of temperatures in main bearings and generator bearings
  • Early fault detection with high sensitivity, providing up to 6-months early warning
  • Transparent methodology & results, advisory generation to support service activities
  • Physics-based models that are suitable for all turbine types
  • Continuous checks of data quality
  • Detection of a wide range of issues including gaps, jumps, flatlines, outliers
  • Provides early warning of problems with data acquisition system
  • Ensures maximum quality of reporting and analytics while reducing workload for analysts.

Slide Real Time Monitoring Energy Studio Pro® detects all status and errors codes of your devices, and helps harmonizing data across hundreds of OEMs and models, making your life simpler. Slide Events Analysis Perform advanced statistical Analysis of alarms and events
Filter multiple events to define prioritized issues
Guide operators in deciding how to address the alarm
Sort events by frequency, duration and rating

Analyze data faster than wind

Energy Studio Pro® is equipped with a complete wind data analysis toolkit which utilizes the data coming from the met mast, different wind turbines or Lidar systems, generating analysis based on wind speed and direction.

Wind Analytics with wind distribution and wind roses BaxEnergy

Wind Analytics with wind distribution and wind roses


  • Wind Distribution
  • Wind Rose
  • Energy Rose
  • Best-fit Rayleigh
  • Best-fit Weibull


  • Continuous, fully automated monitoring of turbine performance using power curve analysis
  • Calculation of energy gain or loss, prioritisation according to potential financial gains
  • Fault diagnosis & advisory generation in order to support efficient fleet optimization

Slide Wind Power Curve Slide PV Efficiency Analysis