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Alight in the future: Powering sustainability with BaxEnergy’s solutions

We are thrilled to announce that Alight chose BaxEnergy to monitor and optimize the performance of its entire portfolio of 54 PV power plants, for a total of 123 MW.

Founded in 2013, Alight is a leading solar developer and an independent power producer located in Stockholm, Sweden. The company develops, owns and operates onsite and offsite solar projects, being a leader in the “solar as a service” space for some of the largest energy consumers in Europe.

Alight’s mission is to kick carbon off the grid by helping energy-intensive businesses switch to solar. By 2030, it aims to have an installed capacity of at least 5 GW, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

This article dives into the importance of solar energy monitoring, highlighting BaxEnergy’s expertise in this field and exploring the key factors that led Alight to choose our solution.


1. Advancing the World of Renewables 

As we strive to harness the power of renewable energy, optimizing the performance of renewable energy assets remains a critical challenge. By enhancing their accessibility and cost-effectiveness, we can propel the transition towards a greener, cleaner world.

In this quest, BaxEnergy’s cutting-edge software solutions emerge as a catalyst, empowering energy management capabilities and transforming the way we maximize the potential of renewable assets.

BaxEnergy will implement its platforms Energy Studio Pro® and AssetStack® on Alight’s renewable assets to maximize their performance through secure and robust data collection architecture, extended data modeling and harmonization across all OEMs, real-time SCADA visualization from mobile devices, custom KPIs calculation and reporting across all power plants.


2. BaxEnergy’s solutions for energy management and optimization

Energy Studio Pro® is a flexible and customizable solution that enables real-time monitoring of renewable energy assets, giving the capability to remote control the assets across the world. Energy Studio Pro® allows companies to get real-time and historical data from all assets, leveraging existing infrastructure and extending OEM capabilities with advanced analytics functionalities and reports.

AssetStack® is the most complete cloud-based asset management platform on the market that enables easy handling and storage of all assets’ lifecycle information, operations and activities in one unique place.

Thanks to our platform, Alight will be able to gain unprecedented insights into park performance, enabling proactive maintenance and optimization strategies.


3. Unmatched Data Logging Capabilities for Enhanced Control

A cornerstone of this collaboration is BaxEnergy’s implementation of four cutting-edge data loggers in the field. These advanced devices meticulously capture operational data, including solar irradiation, temperature, and other vital parameters. By gathering comprehensive and precise data, Alight and BaxEnergy establish a robust foundation for power plant performance assessment and optimization.

BaxEnergy is also delivering a dedicated web portal to Alight, purpose-built for the renewable energy sector. This intuitive platform will grant real-time access to critical data, performance indicators and analytics.

Equipped with such comprehensive insights, Alight gains the power to make well-informed decisions concerning operations, maintenance, and long-term performance optimization strategies.


4. Conclusion

Alight is already an industry leader, propelling the adoption of solar power and championing the cause of a greener world for generations to come. The integration of BaxEnergy’s software solutions within Alight’s renewable energy assets signifies another step towards a future like the one imagined by our companies.

The use of our advanced software solutions will enable Alight to increase the efficiency of its renewable energy assets, reduce downtime and lower costs.

We are proud of having the chance to contribute to this remarkable vision and our hope for the future is that we can continue to bring together “Alight in the future”!