Announcing the First EnergyNet Summit

Controlling the Uncontrollable

Back in 2008, in the middle of the worst financial crisis of modern times, the term “EnergyNet” was introduced to address the dream—and, to some extent, the need—of making energy flow over a global network ruled by strict and agreed-on protocols. EnergyNet was meant to be the internet of energy. Concepts like distributed storage, smart metering, in-home displays and, as a result, feedback-induced savings started being elaborated also on the wave of the President Obama’s “New Energy for America” program.

After that, the term EnergyNet faded away like a flash in the pan. Today, it only survives as the name of a few micro companies doing some small business around the domain of energy.

At BaxEnergy, we decided to revamp the term EnergyNet to introduce our first summit in the scenic landscape of Taormina, North-East of Sicily, Italy.

The EnergyNet Summit will be held 20-21 September 2018 with the purpose of gathering together, same place same time, industry experts willing to share their view of the renewable energy industry. It is a matter of digitalization, but it is also a matter of more accurate forecasts. It is a matter of storage, but it is a matter of trading and enabling direct marketing. It is a matter of cyber-security, but it is also—and most importantly—a matter of reconsidering structure and location of data centers.

It is a matter of effectively controlling what’s uncontrollable by nature. Today, regular software is just a commodity. Smarter software is needed and smarter software is built.

The EnergyNet Summit has already an impressive line-up of confirmed speakers from the energy and software industry, including Diego Percopo (CEO, EF Solare), Tiziana Olivieri (Industry Director, Microsoft), Emilia Visconti (CTO, EDF Energie Nouvelles), Alain Fremaux (Sales Executive, The Weather Company/IBM), Federico Campione (Head of Operations, ENI), Ingo Passenberg (Sr. Manager, Price Waterhouse Cooper), Tiago Santos (CTO, Smartwatt), Christian Felling (O&M Manager, ImWind).

Master of the revels will be Dino Esposito (BaxEnergy), the man who taught software to well two generations of software developers.

The full agenda will be out soon!

Stay tuned for more extensive coverage on the BaxEnergy web site and socials.