Make Your Assets Reward You

Improve Your Daily Work

Optimize your resources to boost productivity and efficiency

Meet Deadlines and Duties

Keep track and prove contracts, supplier agreements and legal duties

Mitigate Risk in HSE

Keep HSE under control in compliance with regulations and SLAs

Enhance Your Business Growth

Make your company process leaner according to business requirements

AssetStack® Features

AssetStack ® enables the modelling, design, execution and maintenance of business process activities and the human resources who manage them, across all the departments and locations of your organization.

Business process management improves efficiency and promote the sharing of experience. Even the most complex workflows can be easily customized and afforded.

  • Follow-up of ongoing processes
  • Interaction with other asset management modules
  • Flexible definition of company procedures
  • Extended ticketing system.
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Work orders are crucial in maintenance to authorize work, set out the scope, choose human resources and establish the goals.

Work orders lay out:

  1. Owners of the activities and who is performing them
  2. Task description
  3. Expectations around timeline and performance indicators
  4. Task details

AssetStack® keeps track of work order information like technical manuals and pictures taken on site, and connects it with warehouse data and purchasing resources to create a database of info on all assets in a facility, so managers can leverage to make decisions.

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AssetStack® maintenance scheduling enables organizations to view calendar of activities by day, week or month with all labour resources and open work orders.

Efficient Scheduling: adjust calendar views and filter work by employee, work order type and more

Preventive Maintenance: view work orders that will be generated in the future, based on their preventive maintenance schedule

Flexible Planning: adjust work order schedules and human resources assignment when people and inventory availability changes, in order to reduce work backlog.

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AssetStack® is Your Company’s Memory, enabling asset managers to:

  • complete various regulatory filings,
  • solve commercial and technical issues,
  • monitor performance,
  • create invoices,
  • make payments,
  • renew contracts,
  • issue certificates,
  • interact with customers and vendors,
  • make warranty,
  • insurance or legal claims,
  • prepare and analyse budgets, and

submit reports to investors and banks.

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AssetStack® manages and tracks Quality & Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) duties and deadlines.

Audit management

  • Internal and external audits
  • Audit planning
  • Audit reporting

Supplier assessments

Management of health & safety related qualifications for human resources

Management of special requirements for material assets (e.g., environmental hazards, disposal procedures)

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O&M Management can take benefit of some strategic features like:

User can open a ticket directly from GIS interface. The system is automatically feed from this data

Operational Efficiency process: directly from Operational Efficiency platform is possible to create a notification for the plant supervisor suggesting a corrective action due to inefficiencies

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AssetStack® manages HR in the most effective way in order to select always the right person for the job, taking advantage of their skills and competences and measuring task execution time.

The system stores and organizes all employees and external contacts information:

  • Master data
  • Contact data
  • Emergency data
  • Qualification data
  • Groups and organizational structure
  • Calendar (holidays, duties, sick leaves)
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Inventory Management focuses on monitoring parts and products companies have moving in and out of their facilities, specifying the quantity and placement of stocked goods.

AssetStack® keeps track of replenishment lead time, carrying costs, inventory levels and returns, ensuring the efficient replenishment.

Specification and properties of warehouses and other logistic facilities; Location; Capacity; Special equipment; Levels of materials; Minimum; Recommended; Maximum; Current; Possible suppliers, including expected supply time;  Documents for logistics

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BaxEnergy is hiring User experience experts

Experience matters

AssetStack® is the right solution for many enterprises because of strong experience in reliably deploying solutions for energy sector and leveraging best practices learned over a decade.

AssetStack® is an innovative and flexible choice which address the entire asset lifecycle and all the challenges unique to asset management service.

Business Rule Engine

Automate management processes of a power plant

– Built-in workflows for wind and PV analysis
– Workflow diagram editor
– Report builder
– Full access to any stored data in workflows and report
– Measurements, calculated and aggregated data
– Statuses and events
– Production KPIs and availability
– Power curve efficiency

Business Rule Engine


AssetStack® is pre-configured with a set of entities that will make you productive from day one and provide a starting point for customization of your workflow and processes.
Entities represent the kind of information you want to keep track, from activities to responsibilities, events, payments & budgets values, field reports, devices, contacts, network profiles, order details, service level agreements, tickets, stocks & warehouse management.

AssetStack® is also ready to interact with third party software through powerful import / export functions and includes a dedicated Application Programming Interface (API) to automate processes and extend functionalities.

Knowledge Base

AssetStack® enables companies to build their own Knowledge Base, streamlining processes and organizing all documentation and information in one single place.

Standard tasks can be documented and carried out many times according to the same shared procedure, reducing man-hours needed to accomplish any activity, speeding up the resolution process and leveraging the companies’ knowledge base.

All conversations related to an issue can be tracked, in order to speed up resolution and reporting.

Assetstack Baxenergy

AssetStack® Solutions

AssetStack® addresses the immediate needs in daily operations, enabling customers to take decisions that are critical to success.
This vision of an assets lifecycle management, from demand management through to analytics, is optimized within and across roles and shared throughout the company.

Top Reasons for AssetStack®

Meet deadlines for contracts, supplier agreements, legal duties
Track all documents related to any issue and speed up your reporting
Keep track and prove all environmental, health and safety documentation
Make your company process leaner through automatic workflows
Secure your information and access them at any time from your mobile devices
Extend asset lifecycle, improve efficiencies and obtain significant savings

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