BaxEnergy adopts latest cutting-edge technology Microsoft Hololens® for wind-photovoltaic operations implementing augmented reality

Catania/Italy, September 2016: At the Research & Development Center of BaxEnergy, a dedicated team of experts is exploring new frontiers that will change the daily-life of O&M technicians.

BaxEnergy Augmented Reality

Technology is all around us, in every aspect of our life. Technology brings ideas to life and transforms the way we see the world and perceive objects surrounding us. Innovative devices are changing even more our experience of the reality, opening the path towards a new technological era. This generation will see the advent of the augmented reality, where the digital realm is blurred with the real life. Pretty soon people will be able to interact with high-definition holograms, breaking down the barriers between virtual and physical reality and integrating the two.

At the R&D Center of BaxEnergy, a dedicated team of experts is designing a next-gen platform for augmented reality that will bring amazing applications in the power industry and promise to innovate the future of Operation & Maintenance (O&M). “The integration of Microsoft HoloLens® with Energy Studio Pro® is a challenging and exciting project: I believe that it will change the field O&M technicians interact with the power plant, making their maintenance activities much easier.”, says Federico Burgio, Software Architect in the Innovation Division of BaxEnergy, who adds “By using Microsoft HoloLens® it will be possible to visualize a wide range of information just by looking at a wind turbine, or at switchgear in the substation, thus helping technicians to safely perform maintenance and monitoring operations”.

Technicians will be able to receive and transmit video, while talking to remote experts, all with the hands completely free. During the maintenance phases, onsite operators will have the possibility to directly access technical documentation, interventions videos, e-learning courses and even recording audio, video or placing video calls with technical support even from vendor’s or manufacturers. Additionally, many daily activities and processes will be largely supported by the HoloLens®, allowing technicians to truly focus on the job, reducing time for paperwork and reporting. Smart glasses will also be able to recognize risky situation such as high temperature components or abnormal pressures that will be instantaneously notified to operators, keeping safety first.

This new technology will be beneficial for monitoring operations, providing extensive insights on the power plants that go beyond what is normally possible to display on a computer screen. “It is a new way to visualize and control power plants”, explains Federico Burgio, “It is like being inside the wind turbine, mapping every single components and interacting with them.”

A new technological era is starting. “BaxEnergy has always made Innovation a top priority and continue to lead the way forward with truly innovative solutions for the green energy market” says Dr. Simone Massaro, CEO of BaxEnergy.  “We are already working with key customers that are leading the way by adopting this technology in real-life scenarios before it becomes main stream”.

BaxEnergy will soon start showcasing the applications of Microsoft HoloLens® with Energy Studio Pro® in upcoming tradeshows in Europe.

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