BaxEnergy and ImWind keep leading renewable asset management in Austria

After years of synergic partnership started in 2011 to boost the renewable energy development in Austria, we are proud to share that once again our strategic Austrian partner ImWind selected BaxEnergy to provide them with new advanced products and services.

ImWind is a wind power pioneer as well as one of the largest renewable energy producers in Austria, currently operating 446,82 MW of wind energy. For over 25 years, ImWind has been developing, building and running wind and photovoltaic parks comprehensively supervised by their experts from the field of environmental and electrical engineering, landscape design and construction, finance and law to the installation and operations.

The Story

The Austrian company committed to BaxEnergy the development of new tools to be integrated in their current solution, Energy Studio Pro® with its integrated Asset Management Platform Assetstack®.  ImWind needed to manage a huge amount of data produced by the wind turbines which required a superior and comprehensive solution to monitor and automatically correct all data, and to have an all-in-one platform able to fit all management levels.

At the dawn of our strategic partnership, ImWind was one of the very first users of our flagship energy management platform Energy Studio Pro® to unleash the full data potential and become more responsive in managing its renewable assets. Soon after, aware of the improvements in results, costs savings and operational efficiency obtained thanks to Energy Studio Pro®, ImWind decided to adopt Assetstack®, BaxEnergy’s integrated asset management platform that enables easy handling and storage of all power plant lifecycle information, operations, and activities in one unique place.

As the number of assets grows, it becomes more and more complex managing all the decentralized activities performed by different teams, while avoiding losing important information. Assetstack® provided the company with the right set of tools to improve the way to manage and record the full asset lifecycle, ensuring the correctness and completeness of data and operations. Thanks to Assetstack® each data or daily operation is secure and accessible to various teams to track all changes, share information, and take proactive actions, optimizing procedures and workload management. ImWind has been gaining leaner and agile business processes, reducing the effort, and increasing the team productivity over time.

What else is new?

Today, ImWind decided to move forward from TCP to Saas, integrating new tools and services provided by BaxEnergy, starting from a trusted and cost-effective Data Quality Tool to guarantee the completeness and quality of the data in a simple and automatic way. We found the way to manage the completeness of the data through a tool that helps our customer find holes, suggests how to fill them, automatically or manually rebuilding or importing data. The wind speed is not constant, but our tool works like a data hole radar and allows ImWind to define rules that automatically guarantee 100% data quality. How? Through the identification of data freeze, out-of-scale data, and data not in accordance with the nature of the signal.

In this way, ImWind is now able to automate its data processing process drastically reducing operation time, to obtain better quality KPIs and leverage high-quality trusted data to drive strategic decisions.

Another product ImWind decided to take advantage of is the BaxEnergy’s Operation Management System, a trusted and fluid system to automatically aggregate and classify information to make data controllable and manageable when needed, enabling a dynamic user experience in all its phases. A software solution to take everything under control at a glance, designed to plan, monitor and manage production or service operation, digitalize daily workflows and communication of involved employees, identifying and mitigating operational process bottlenecks. It is equipped with a ticketing system, capable to optimize production activities, and a collaboration tool, which maximizes the visibility and sharing of all operations. By using our Operation Management System our client can now mitigate operational risks thanks to operations monitoring and alarms tools to alert on operational issues and collaborate on their resolution, facilitating the quality management of operational workflows and increasing reliability.

Last but not least, BaxEnergy, offers to its customers different levels of technical support services among which the Partner Technical Support. All these levels such as the Premium, the Enterprise and the Standard tech support consist of different benefits and advantages; the most important of them are included in the Partner Technical Support. Thanks to the Partner Technical Support, ImWind has now the access to advanced dedicated training, the possibility to apply for the Escrow agreement, and the chance to receive more immediate and efficient technical support.

We are proud of the ImWind’s growing confidence in BaxEnergy, demonstrated by adopting our brand-new advanced technologies and products.

As long-standing partner of BaxEnergy, we have a deep knowledge of the product, and we know that the system is able to adapt to client’s needs; my team and I are able to collect the requirements and deliver the software customized according to clients’ specification. According to my personal opinion, that’s the most important features that BaxEnergy’s software solutions offer”.
Richard Distl
Managing Director at ImWind Technik GmbH

Strengthened the partnership with the aforementioned improvements as well as the trusted friendship that binds us, we expect ImWind to perform even better than it is doing now, thanks both to the effort and domain knowledge provided by BaxEnergy, always trying to overcome technological limits, and to the deep expertise in the use of the products that ImWind has achieved over the years, with the scope to favor always more sustainable developments.