BaxEnergy and Leonidas Wind harness the wind to keep shaping their sustainable pathway

After a multiyear synergic collaboration in the wind power plants management started in 2020, we are glad to officially share that our French customer Leonidas Wind SARL has entrusted BaxEnergy to monitor and control additional 179 MW of wind energy produced by the windfarms they manage.

Leonidas Wind is a Technical Asset Manager and part of a portfolio of companies whose beginnings go back to 2005, with firms located in Germany and France. The companies are specialized on different aspects of managing renewable power plants during their lifetime. Over the years, Leonidas has been acquiring, building, and operating photovoltaic and wind farms located mainly in the French territory on behalf of their investors.

A continuous and efficient support from the BaxEnergy’s dedicated engineers and project managers made Leonidas’ Team comfortable in the use of our intelligent platform Energy Studio Pro® improving and facilitating their daily life.

«Surely, the most useful thing is the possibility to have several parks at the same time in the same interface. The parks are not divided but have [standardized characteristics] so it is easier to compare them with each other» declared Sophie Tröschel, Managing Director at Leonidas Wind.

«The software helps us to monitor and analyze park’s stops, with the purpose to make savings and reuse it for other important tasks» said Sarah Nataf – Managing Director at Leonidas Wind. 

Centralized data helps control assets remotely and maintain activities riskless. These concrete results led our customer to ask the BaxEnergy’s technical team for the integration of the latest release of our Remote-Control Module.

Thanks to our future-proof platform Energy Studio Pro®, now they can gain full bidirectional control of the wind power plants they manage in real-time. Furthermore, multiple actions can be configured as part of a specific “remote control scenarios” such as: start/stop; change set point; active and reactive power control; custom operations. Among all the benefits highlighted by our client, this feature allows them to safeguard the local fauna, saving the lives of birds and bats that fly out at sunset heading for the moving blades of the wind turbines.

The standard remote-control feature ensures that the wind turbines can be switched on and off through manual or scheduled “start and stop” for a certain period without considering certain environmental and temporal conditions.

There are some special moments, which are sunrise and sunset when the birds may not notice the rotating blades due to the dim light, and our algorithm intelligently establishes when it is the right moment to turn off the turbines.

Thus the additional function required by our customer exploits an intelligent algorithm based on rules that take into account specific environmental conditions that can be monitored in real-time (“real-time environment values”) such as atmospheric temperature, wind speed, wind direction, sun rising and setting, as well as time conditions (daily, monthly or yearly), in order to turn the turbines on and off to avoid possible collisions with birds and in particular bats that come out shortly after sunset. The blades stop, therefore, automatically a few hours after sunset and turn on again before dawn.

This capability makes our system such a kind of intelligent braking system that stops when needed.

« This new Remote-Control module is quite user friendly, and it is exactly what we were expecting. The possibility to edit the halt expressions by ourselves is a real plus», said Jérémy Dymarski, Head of O&M.

 Mentioning the words of our Head of Business Development Alessandro Lodi,
“From the beginning we have established a relationship of collaboration and trust with Leonidas to meet their requirements and implement the remote-control module according to their needs.
Our team will help Leonidas in improving the operational efficiency of their assets, bringing out value from the whole portfolio.”

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