BaxEnergy and Smartwatt will be co-exhibitors at WindEurope Bilbao to showcase future-proof energy solutions and services

BaxEnergy and Smartwatt are going to attend WindEurope Bilbao with a shared futuristic booth to showcase their future-proof energy solutions and services.

From O&M to market-driven strategies, having a platform that can both predict energy production and detect when failures are going to happen is essential.

Since 2010, BaxEnergy provides software solutions for the visualizationanalysisand optimization of cross-technology renewable energy power plants distributed worldwide. The company provides an extensive domain expertise combined with the latest intelligent technology to develop next-gen asset management platforms.

Over time, BaxEnergy has interconnected nearly 100 GW of renewable energy(wind, solar, hydro and geothermal), in over 20 countries, monitoring over 50,000 different generation units and 1 million data signals.

More recently, BaxEnergy has developed technologies and products for energy tradingpower forecastingindustrial battery storage management and other solutions for the management and monitoring of charging stations for electric vehicles. The monitoring platform, Energy Studio Pro®, enables its owner to fully monitor and remote-control wind, photovoltaic, hydroelectric and geothermal power plants, as well as co-generation plants, gas turbines, thermoelectric power stations, electric and hydrogen charging stations.

BaxEnergy & Smartwatt: optimizing assets performance through AI algorithms

Together, we are focused on developing a set of future-proof energy solutions and services to optimize and revolutionize the way of managing energy resources.

BaxEnergy’s flagship platform Energy Studio Pro® connects any device, anywhere, aggregating historical and real-time data collected across multi-technology power plants. We visualize data, analyze customized KPIs and optimize asset performance integrating our powerful features with AI algorithms developed by our technology partner Smartwatt.

Smartwatt develops solutions based on artificial intelligence, engineering and monitoring systems to optimize energy resources, with over 12 years of experience in the global energy market.

Smartwatt develops AI algorithms starting from customers ‘data, making the BaxEnergy 2nd Level SCADAa 3rd level SCADA, unlocking the value of data and making the most out of it.

The company offers a set of specialized intelligent solutions focused on increasing their customers profit, creating solutions tailored to their needs, optimizing energy efficiency, resources, and promoting sustainability.

We joined forces to develop tailor-made solutions that guarantee a better decision-making process, improving performances and maximizing revenue. 


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