BaxEnergy and the University of Catania start together the WEAMS Research Project on the next–gen of smart technologies

Catania/Italy, June 2017: By combining the academic thinking with the technology development expertise, BaxEnergy and the University of Catania strength their collaboration to bring forward innovation in the Industry 4.0

BaxEnergy and the University of Catania start together the WEAMS Research Project on the next–gen of smart technologies

The launch of the Wind Energy Asset Management System Research Project, so-called WEAMS, between BaxEnergy and the University of Catania represents a new pioneering venture in the field of specialised research and development of the next generation of smart technologies.

With the ambition to explore new frontiers of knowledge and to translate extensive researches into practical applications, goal of the project is to build an integrated and highly configurable platform that leverages digital intelligence to ensure a smart management of renewable assets with significant reduction of costs related to operations and maintenance activities. “Digital technologies are increasingly vital in managing the effectiveness of maintenance and operations. The real challenge is transforming the opportunities enabled by these innovations into breakthrough solutions that optimize workload and improve efficiency across the entire value chain”, explains Dr. Francesco Di Giunta, R&D Manager at BaxEnergy, who adds: “With the WEAMS project we want to answer to the sweeping industry changes rethinking the traditional business process management in a way that captures innovation and drives productivity.”

Artificial intelligence and machine learning, augmented reality, Big Data, complex network analysis, and natural language processing will be the cornerstone areas of the research that brings together academics from Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical and Management Engineering – and industry experts from BaxEnergy R&D Center. By combining their complementary perspectives, interests and skills, this multidisciplinary team will undertake studies and on-field experiments, giving proof at the same time of how academy and industry can greatly collaborate together.

BaxEnergy and the University of Catania start together the WEAMS Research Project on the next–gen of smart technologies

“The project we are starting with BaxEnergy presents three key strengths that make it particularly interesting, namely: innovation, multidisciplinary and verifiability of results”, affirms Dr. Vincenza Carchiolo, Professor of Computer Science at University of Catania, who continues saying: “Innovation is inevitably linked to the topics addressed, the technologies involved and the dynamic environment in which they will be used. Among the other things, we will try to understand how natural language processing can improve maintenance records’ analysis so to better organize data and information usually available in unstructured documents. Multidisciplinary and verifiability of results are the other two aspects of considerable importance. By ranging from electrical and management engineering to computer science, the project creates synergies and information exchange among “Worlds” that often speak different languages. Additionally the collaboration with BaxEnergy offers the big advantage to experience “on-the field” the quality and the feasibility of the studies and the identified solutions, allowing to create the virtuous circle among problem – solution – innovation. This is of great interest for researches that very often suffer from the lack of evidence on theoretical research.”

Looking forward to bringing WEAMS project’s expected results into reality, BaxEnergy and University of Catania are also working on many different initiatives, from workshops and seminars to internship experiences for students and new graduates, with the common intention to grow together in a successful collaboration that can open new channels of innovation in the educational and industry fields.

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