BaxEnergy and Vibrant Energy to revolutionize the renewable energy management market 

BaxEnergy has recently partnered with Vibrant Energy, one of the leading corporate renewables platform in India. Vibrant Energy is a portfolio company of Macquarie Asset Management’s Green Investment Group (MAM-GIG) with a mission to lead the decarbonization initiatives for corporate renewable energy customers and help them to attain a more sustainable, resilient, and low-cost energy future. Vibrant is currently operating and delivering more than 2GW of renewable energy solutions for corporates.

“Vibrant Energy is focused on delivering sustainable energy solutions to the corporate and industrial (C&I) segment across multiple sectors. The team comes with vast industry experience that is ready to combat climate change in the most efficient, effective and affordable manner.  As an innovation-driven company, our solutions will only keep expanding, along with our capacity to ensure a sustainable and healthy planet,” said Srinivasan Viswanathan, CEO of Vibrant Energy. 

Maximizing Renewable Energy Efficiency
for Vibrant Energy

The world strives to transition towards a more sustainable future. Today, one of the biggest challenges is optimizing the performance of renewable energy assets to make them more accessible and cost-effective. 

This is where BaxEnergy’s software solutions come into play. Vibrant Energy selected BaxEnergy for the monitoring and controlling of 132 MW with the aim of enhancing its energy management capabilities through BaxEnergy’s advanced software solutions. 

BaxEnergy will implement its platforms Energy Studio Pro® and AssetStack® on Vibrant’s renewable assets to maximize their performance through secure and robust data collection architecture, extended data modeling and harmonization across all OEMs, real-time SCADA visualization from mobile devices, custom KPI calculation and reporting across all power plants. 

Energy Studio Pro® is a flexible and customizable solution that enables real-time monitoring of renewable energy assets. AssetStack® is a data-driven solution that provides real-time insights, advanced analytics and predictive maintenance capabilities. The use of these advanced software solutions will enable Vibrant Energy to increase  efficiency of its renewable energy assets, reduce downtime and lower costs.

Overcoming Challenges in Renewable Energy Asset Management with BaxEnergy’s Integrated Solutions

The solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with renewable energy assets, including wind turbines, solar panels and many other technologies, such as hydro, geothermal, combined-cycle and hydrogen.  

Due to these integrations, BaxEnergy’s products can address one of the most significant obstacles: the fragmentation of renewable energy assets across multiple locations, each with its own manufacturer and set of operating parameters.  

This challenge can make it difficult for operators to monitor and manage energy assets effectively. BaxEnergy’s advanced software solutions offer a comprehensive approach to energy management, allowing operators to control and monitor all their assets in real-time—all from one platform! 


Renewable energy is increasingly becoming a critical aspect of global energy systems, with many countries making ambitious commitments to reduce their carbon emissions and implement smart solutions for energy management.  

Companies like BaxEnergy and Vibrant Energy are at the forefront of these advancements and are playing a crucial role in achieving the goal of a more sustainable future. We are proud of contributing together with Vibrant Energy to the growth of renewable energy sources and making them more accessible and cost-effective.  

We believe that this is just the beginning of a meaningful partnership, we can achieve remarkable things together

The potential of renewable energy is immense, and it’s imperative that we continue to work towards a sustainable future. We are honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations who share our vision for a cleaner and greener planet. If you want to discover more about our software solutions, click on the button