BaxEnergy announces plan to expand operations in Northern Europe

Berlin/Germany, November 2017: BaxEnergy appoints Lutz Falta as the New Chief Operational Officer in a move to expand operations in Northern Europe

In a move to strengthen his position in Europe, BaxEnergy’s CEO, Dr. Simone Massaro, has announced a comprehensive plan to expand operations in Northern Europe: “BaxEnergy was born in Germany, at the very heart of the Wind Industry and in less than five years has quickly grown acquiring projects worldwide. Over time we have built one the largest independent dataset of wind, hydro and solar power plants in the World.  We believe this data set, which includes tens of thousands of generation units from all OEMs, will be of strategic importance for building the next-gen of AI-based technology. There are no doubts in my mind that the capability to apply Artificial Intelligence tools, Natural Language processing and edge-IoT computing, will become a competitive advantage for our customers. We want to launch a new generation of our flagship product Energy Studio Pro® in 2018 and we want to do it right where we started, by expanding our presence in Northern Europe.”

From left to right, the BaxEnergy Team in the Berlin office: Alba Jiménez, Axel Büch, Dirk Kleinmann, Vincenzo Modica and Lutz Falta

In a move to show his commitment, Dr. Massaro has announced last week the appointment of Mr. Lutz Falta as new Chief Operational Officer (COO) of BaxEnergy in Germany. Mr. Falta has sixteen years of experience in the energy industry, with experience in the development of both on-shore and off-shore wind power plants working for major German companies operating in the North Sea.

“Mr. Falta will bring to BaxEnergy the strategic leadership and experience required to manage large-scale projects on-time and on-budget, consolidating our experience in terms of data acquisition from edge-devices, SCADA automation, IT infrastructures, mechanical and electrical engineering”, says Dr. Massaro.

“I am very pleased to start this new adventure in BaxEnergy. When I decided to join the company, three main factors have made the difference in my choice”, says Mr. Lutz Falta who continues explaining: “First, I am very excited to apply all my experience to the new challenges I will face, and I am very positive to bring added value to BaxEnergy. Second, I love the team spirit among people working there. Last but not least, I really like Energy Studio Pro® and its unique capability of covering all aspects of control room operations”.

Expressing his wishes to Lutz Falta, Dr. Eng. Simone Massaro states: “We are proud to welcome Lutz to our team. He brings a wealth of experience to BaxEnergy which will provide an extraordinary value to our solutions and projects. The collaboration with Lutz represents yet another important step for BaxEnergy and we are certain that thanks to him we will continue to meet and exceed the expectation of our customers”.

Looking forward to developing and transforming new ideas into innovations, Mr. Falta is eager: “to join the team and contribute to the continuous improvement from project execution to delivery”. Furthermore, Mr. Falta points out: “As a previous ESP-user and satisfied customer, I will contribute to the Energy Studio Pro future roadmap providing my knowledge of customer’s needs and requirements to translating them into new solutions and features”.

Germany and Austria will continue to be core markets for BaxEnergy which will also expand operations in Denmark and Scandinavia in 2018, which have always been considered fertile Countries for renewable energy.

“I believe that BaxEnergy is going in the right direction to enter new business opportunities and industry trends”, states Mr. Falta who adds: “Battery storage, AI-tools for energy trading, and intelligent power use are becoming increasingly important for both the industrial and consumer energy sector: this means that high-end monitoring and controlling systems will become even more important to monitor and analyze data in the future. BaxEnergy is definitely ready to play a leading role as a provider of advanced solutions that answer to these constantly-evolving market needs”.

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