BaxEnergy breaks a new record of wind monitored power in the Austrian Energy Market

Austrian wind farm

Wien/Austria, October 2016: With nearly 1 GW of monitored power, BaxEnergy is leading player, covering 45% of the Austrian wind energy market

Renewable energy plays an important role in Austria for reducing country’s dependence on imported fossil fuels and for supporting the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Over a quarter of Austria’s total power consumption comes from renewable energy sources, making the country one of the best on the global stage. In addition to hydropower that is the most important renewable energy source in Austria, wind energy has grown very quickly over the last decades, from 54 MW in 2000 to 2,4 GW at the end of 2015, placing Austria among the European leaders in terms of the share of wind power in energy supply.

By having already achieved a 31% share of renewables in the final energy consumption, Austria is well on track to reaching its goals for 2020: a 34% share of renewable energy of the total energy consumption by 2020 and a 20% reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. “Since 2002, we have invested heavily to boost energy efficiency and to expand renewables” said Erwin Proell, premier of Lower Austria, which this year has gone all in on clean energy with 100% of its electricity generation from renewable energy.

With nearly 1 GW of wind monitored power out of 2,4 GW, BaxEnergy is the leading player in the Austrian wind energy market, covering the 45% of the market. Since 2011, BaxEnergy’s innovative solution Energy Studio Pro® enables utilities, independent power producers and O&M service providers to run their power plants more efficiently, minimizes their energy losses due to downtime and slow responses to outages, and increases the overall yields maximizing the return on investment. BaxEnergy’s customers, among which EVN Naturkraft, ImWind Technik, PK Windpark Management, Wien Energie strongly appreciate the completeness and flexibility of the solution with its highly customizable tools: from personalized reports to innovative alarm viewer, from automatic workflow to advanced asset management system. On top, the main advantage brought by Energy Studio Pro® in the Austrian energy market is the possibility to easily fulfill the duties and obligations set by the OeMag, the National Grid Operator, by providing accurate energy production plans.

With the success of the customers as main goal, BaxEnergy and Energy Studio Pro® are making the difference in the Austrian energy market, aiming to reach 50% coverage of the whole market in the very near future.

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