BaxEnergy empowers Global Tech I to take remote data management of its offshore operations to the next level

Global Tech I Offshore Wind GmbH is one of BaxEnergy’s first customers that gained the benefits of the latest state-of-the-art solution ESPX® allowing to increase efficiencies throughout the wind farm and its operations due to enhanced data collection and analysis.

Following more than 5 years of successful collaboration with BaxEnergy and the Energy Studio Pro® solution, the German offshore wind farm will employ BaxEnergy’s new top-tier monitoring and control platform to perform advanced analysis by combining real-time and historical data flow as well as accurately monitoring the status of all devices.  In particular the new ESPX® platform will collect and analyze data of Global Tech I’s 80 wind turbines, of the grid control system, the weather station and of the corrosion protection system for the grounding system of the turbines.

 About ESPX®

Some of the trickiest aspects of managing offshore power plants, beside higher risks of data loss, are about corrosion and seafloor accidents. To prevent those occurrences, ESPX® provides data acquisition and reporting of:

  • Warning lights data to avoid air- and sea-level collisions
  • Corrosion management data to monitor tripods health status
  • Onshore fault detection system to immediately notify onshore any faults and emergency

Moreover, custom-defined KPIs, alarms and reports, enable to promptly intervene if power plants are not performing well.

“Despite Covid-19 and working remotely we are getting all necessary data to precisely manage the systems in our wind farm, thanks to energy management platforms such as ESPX®” states Alexander Löhndorf, Head of Asset Management Electrical at Global Tech I Offshore Wind GmbH.

About Global Tech I

Located 140 kilometers from Emden in the middle of the North Sea, Global Tech I Offshore Wind GmbH is one of the largest German offshore wind farms and most distant from the coastline in the whole Europe. With its 80 wind turbines in waters of 40 meters depth, the company operates an installed capacity of 400 MW, supplying renewable energy for 450,000 households.

Since 2015, Global Tech I is monitoring the wind farm with Energy Studio Pro®, ensuring a smooth performance of the assets. At full operational power, the North Sea wind farm can generate about 1.4 billion kilowatt-hours of clean electricity each year.



Alessandro Lodi – Head of Business Development & Sales

[email protected]

Via Sclafani 40, Acireale (CT) – Italy