BaxEnergy joins ANEV to support wind energy development in the country and beyond

BaxEnergy is proud of having signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ANEV Associazione Nazionale Energia del Vento (National Wind Energy Association), an Italian environmental protection organization which brings together about 95 companies representing the national wind energy sector in Italy and abroad.

Founded in 2002, the association aims to contribute to the promotion and use of wind energy while strongly safeguarding nature, as well as supporting the research and the technological development of the wind sector.

The associates which are part of ANEV include producers and operators of electricity and technology, plant designers, engineering and environmental firms, electrical traders and developers which, with the support of ANEV, aim to boost the Italian wind industry.  Since November 2021, through the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding, BaxEnergy is proudly a member of the association.

I’m always enthusiastic when a company wants to be part of the association, when we have the opportunity to offer a service to ANEV’s members. In fact, the goal of the organization is to create a network of experts in the wind industry and to favor the contacts among them, in order to accelerate the development of the technology” says Dr. Simone Togni, President at ANEV.

Thanks to the expertise and the high level of professionalism of its members, ANEV aims to collect, handle and promulgate data in order to facilitate the development of wind energy technologies, while emphasizing the environmental value of energy production from renewable sources.

Dr. Simone Togni, President at ANEV

Insights about the Italian wind power status

As never before, the support of associations like ANEV is central for the development of an Italian wind ecosystem, especially in the context of the new national climate objectives.

Italy has currently installed 10GW of wind power which amounts to 6.5% of the national energy production. Through the PNIEC (Integrated National and Energy Climate Plan), Italy aims to install 20GW by 2030, therefore doubling the electricity production in ten years. This is the minimum objective, but it would lead the country to have 12-13% of electricity production from wind sources. “We have the potential to reach that goal, the industry is ready, the network is adequate to receive this power increase” claims President Togni. Yet, in order to support this acceleration, bureaucratic processes have to speed up, too.

In this sense, the Association constantly collaborates with numerous technical and institutional working groups, provides consultancy during decision-making processes, and represents the wind sector during the legislative phases that regulate the sector at an institutional level, with the overall objective of simplifying the regulatory framework.

Educational training

The National Wind Energy Association is not focused on the development of wind technologies only, but it takes care of fostering education, too.

Two years later after the foundation of ANEV, the Association decided that it was fundamental to deliver educational trainings in the wind sector. In 2002, the wind industry was not mature yet and it was difficult for companies to find trained personnel. “Since the Association was made up of managers in the wind industry, we decided to let them teach classes. We have continued to do this over the years and today we deliver an average of 6 specialistic training courses” explains Dr Togni.

BaxEnergy is proud to have joined ANEV in its mission to contribute to the development of wind energy technologies and environmental protection and is pleased to support the associates by providing them with its latest software solutions to manage and control wind assets.

In this context, ANEV stands out as the privileged interlocutor in the hoped-for process of cooperation with institutions and media, with the overall objective of supporting the development of wind energy in our country.

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