BaxEnergy opens new headquarters in the EUREF Technology Campus in Berlin

BaxEnergy Berlin

Berlin/Germany, February 2017: BaxEnergy chooses Berlin as a vibrant location to spread innovation from the heart of Europe

Symbol of the turnaround in Germany’s energy policy, the EUREF Technology Campus in Berlin is the designed location that from February 2017 is welcoming BaxEnergy corporate headquarters. Defined as “intelligent urban quarter”, the EUREF Campus represents not only a groundbreaking center to realize the goals of the Country’s energy transition, but also an attractive meeting point for the major companies, scientists and researchers in the fields of energy, sustainability and mobility.

In this vibrant and international atmosphere, BaxEnergy has opened its new offices to spread innovation from the heart of Europe, with a swift access to all main energy markets, both at East and West. “The opening of our new headquarters in Berlin is a significant milestone for the whole company”, says Andreas Berthold-van der Molen, Chief Success Officer at BaxEnergy, who points out: “By moving in such dynamic working environment, we want to increase our presence in the German energy market, continuing to provide our industry leading solution Energy Studio Pro® as well as expanding our existing networks”.

BaxEnergy Berlin From left to right, the BaxEnergy Team in the new Berlin office: Axel Büch, Andreas Berthold-van der Molen, Vincenzo Modica and Dirk Kleinmann.

Innovation, technology and talents are shaping the rhythm of growth of BaxEnergy, who is strongly dedicated to drive forward advances in renewables through its thriving R&D Center, where a passionate team of experts actively work to convert ideas and the latest cutting-edge technologies into innovative solutions. “With our new location at the very epicenter of European innovation, we want to mark a significant step forward in evolution of our company” explains Simone Massaro, BaxEnergy CEO, adding “Our current and future projects shall continue to meet the needs of our customers and evolving market. Additionally, we will keep on with our worldwide expansion based on high level products, while relying on strategic international partnerships.”

From workshop to training sessions, from customers and partners meeting to open days and collaboration with Universities and Research Centers, from industry events to publicity activities, BaxEnergy team is already looking forward to organize in the new headquarters’ showroom many different activities aimed to involve and share best practices with customers, partners and all energy players.

“In a couple of months, we wish to create a think tank for bringing ideas and allow people to share their experience and together exploring new frontiers in the renewable energy field”, enthusiastically affirms Simone Massaro and Andreas Berthold-van der Molen.

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BaxEnergy is dedicated to deliver innovative turnkey solutions to renewable energy players for complete visualization, data analysis and optimization of their power plants. The aim of the company is to make renewable energy easier, more efficient, affordable and secure, contributing to build a greener world for the benefit of present and future generations. BaxEnergy was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. The Development and Support division is located in Catania, Italy. For additional information about the company and service offers, please visit:


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