BaxEnergy presents its vision of O&M during the annual Enel Green Power Cascade

Catania/Italy, May 2016: BaxEnergy, a leading provider dedicated to deliver innovative turnkey solutions to renewable energy players for complete visualization, data analysis and optimization of their power plants, addresses the prominent topic of the vision for the future of Operations & Maintenance during the Enel Green Power Cascade, reinforcing the trust and collaboration between the two companies.
BaxEnergy attends Enel Green Power Cascade

Simone Massaro, BaxEnergy CEO, during his speech at the Enel Green Power Cascade.

Dr. Simone Massaro, CEO of BaxEnergy, has been invited as official speaker to join the annual Enel Green Power Cascade event for the South of Italy, a very important alignment process that starts from the top management to cascade to the operating units, for the sharing of best practices identified by the Enel Group and to spread the importance of security of personnel and operations.

The Cascade is the event in which Enel Green Power motivates people with team building activities and encourages better performance in order to implement continuous improvement: “There is a big transformation going on the utilities segment. This is for us a great opportunity but there are some challenges to face if we want to continue to be a leader in technology”, says Dr. Francesco Starace, CEO of Enel.

During the event in Catania Dr. Simone Massaro, in a productive context of innovation and identification of success factors, shares the best practices realized with Enel Green Power, underlining some of the technology challenges that have to be overcome every day.

BaxEnergy’s innovative solution Energy Studio Pro® allows analyzing the energy loss due to an event or a group of events and enables recapturing lost yields.

The CEO of BaxEnergy continues addressing the importance of BigData in order to drive incremental revenue, improve operational effectiveness and reduce data warehouse cost. Furthermore, BigData represents the challenge of being able to capture, storage, search, share, transfer, analyze and visualize large amount of data gaining insights in seconds, with a single interface.

During his presentation Dr. Simone Massaro has highlighted numerous projects in which BaxEnergy is leading innovation together with Enel Green Power in different fields of application including, but not limited to:

  • Remote hydro operations
  • Energy storage integrations
  • Minigrid
  • Mobile workforce applications
  • Augmented reality.

In the hydro cab project BaxEnergy has improved real-time operational efficiency with central uniform visualization of data, real time key performance indicators and leveraging the automation. Remote control has also increased safety through many applications like monitoring status in unsupervised power plants, tracking vehicles and people performing on-site operations, observing the real state of the power plant in case of emergency and monitoring reactivation process of the turbines after a stop.

Battery storage could become a key technology for maximizing the utilization of renewable energy sources, reducing curtailment and improving power quality. In Catania BaxEnergy helped Enel Green Power realizing the first large scale battery storage project in Italy, building the monitoring system for first EGP’s project that stores electricity generated from the 10 MW photovoltaic power plant “Catania 1”.

In Ollagüe (Chile), Enel Green Power and BaxEnergy have created the world’s first energy system built at high altitude, combining a solar PV field, wind power and a solar co-generation plant, all connected to a an advanced storage system through a micro-grid. The project covers 85% of the electricity needs of the community ensuring energy independence and avoiding the annual consumption of 6 thousand liters of fuel previously used to power the diesel generator, assessing the effectiveness of a system that can become a transformational solution for other isolated communities around the globe.

The CEO of BaxEnergy concluded his speech addressing the importance of digitized assets and mobilize workforce to remotely access data main through secure, fast and encrypted connectivity, highlighting the significant impact of the smart technologies in opening new possibilities for O&M. Among smart technologies, BaxEnergy is integrating in its solutions the Microsoft HoloLens smart glasses that bring amazing applications in automation industry and promise to innovate the future of O&M daily life, reducing risks for repair operations and improving the security.

“Autonomous vehicles – machines, devices and robots that can move independently without the human presence on board – and smart glasses will change the way we think and the way of working, through dynamic visualization of multimedia data in Virtual Reality, overlaying the reality that we usually see.” (Dr. Simone Massaro, CEO of BaxEnergy)


BaxEnergy’s Energy Studio Pro®: all key data in one place

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Microsoft HoloLens

Enel Green Power’s Ollagüe project

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