BaxEnergy presents the brand new Asset Management System: the biggest players of the market attended the workshop in Austria

Pottenbrunn/Austria, June 2016: BaxEnergy, in collaboration with ImWind, organized the first Austrian workshop on Asset Management Systems for wind energy that took place on the 10th of June 2016, in Pottenbrunn, Austria.

BaxEnergy Asset Management System

Federico Burgio, Software Architect in the Innovation Division of BaxEnergy, presents the brand new Asset Management System.

The participants got an exclusive preview of the brand new Asset Management System, created and developed by BaxEnergy on the basis of their demands, allowing them to experience and influence the roadmap of the tool with their valuable feedback.

The need for a new asset management system has been strongly advocated by the biggest players in the Austrian market which have actively participated in the design process together with other European utilities such as EDF-EN and Enel Green Power, whom have been driving the innovation toward the maintenance process optimization for years.

Simone Massaro, Chief Executive Officer of BaxEnergy, provided valuable insights on the future of asset management and the application of new technologies such as Big Data, Microsoft HoloLens, and predictive analysis. Massaro said “We believe that Austria and Germany are leading the growing renewable energy market, because they truly understand the importance of being in control of the maintenance activities performed by OEMs and contractors. The technicians needs to be able to access information in mobility, anywhere anytime, and we made it possible. Our solution allows users to create, track and store work orders relating to a variety of activities on-site and off-site. Now it is possible have a clear picture of what is happening in real-time, using an extremely intuitive system, easy to set up and highly customizable. We are convinced that this technology is key to optimizing resources and boosting the overall productivity”.

Federico Burgio, Software Architect in the Innovation Division of BaxEnergy, is the brain behind this new tool. “It is not just a new tool” he said, “but a real platform designed with cutting-edge technologies, which can be closely coupled with external monitoring systems. Our new asset management system is able to support the power plants owners in the supervision of the assets life-cycle and in their maintenance”.

Mr. Burgio also explained that “Once an issue occurs and the work order is automatically generated, the system leads you to perform the inspection maintenance by following a customizable step-by-step process aimed at solving the specific problem”.The Software Architect concluded saying that “Because the data are centrally collected and then digitized, the field engineers can now remotely document directly to your central server and you can have access to the data from any smartphone or tablet, truly enabling mobile workforce”.

The new solution was welcomed by the customers that have finally found decisive and concrete answers to their questions, confirming that the system’s architecture is on the right direction to meet and satisfy their needs of today and tomorrow. A specific user forum followed the presentation, getting a dedicated time to collect useful and different feedback to identify and prioritize the features which will be included in the first tool’s release, planned for September 2016.

BaxEnergy thanks ImWind for promoting the event and all the participants for taking part into the workshop, sharing a friendly atmosphere in a suggestive and charming location surrounded by a lake, a castle and trees. BaxEnergy is constantly striving for innovation and this recent workshop in Austria was one of many that are coming soon.

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The ImWind Technik GmbH, as part of the ImWind Group which was founded in 1995, is an engineering company that successfully develops and operates renewable energy power plants in several different countries, with the main focus on operations of wind farms in Austria. Starting with 60 wind turbines with a total installed power of 152 Megawatts at the beginning, the ImWind Technik GmbH, is now using BaxEnergy’s Energy Studio Pro® to monitor, analyze and optimize 95 generation units of different manufacturers in 14 assets with a total installed power of 242 Megawatts, including a Photovoltaic power plant. For additional information about the company and service offers, please visit:

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