BaxEnergy and Fronteris: ESP GIS overview

Regensburg/Germany, February 2017: BaxEnergy with its turn-key solution Energy Studio Pro® is now collaborating with Fronteris to foster together Germany’s transition to a renewable energy future

If Germany is taking the leadership at European level as Green Country with its booming renewable energy sector, the transition towards an environmentally-friendly energy system still requires efforts and changes involving Country’s all relevant actors: private industries, government and civil society.

By aiming to contribute to Germany’s independence from fossil fuels, BaxEnergy and the local company Fronteris, independent power producer, are closely collaborating to boost the development of green energy generation in line with government’s goal of 50% renewables share in gross electricity consumption by 2030.

Germany, with its forward-looking energy policy and decades of support for renewables, plays an important role at global stage in powering clean and sustainable energy from niche technologies into the mainstream. Additionally, Country’s renewable energy act, The Energiewende, is the flagship for the ongoing global energy transition, inspiring companies and people to reinforce and grow their ambitions to increase renewable energy production and use. Based on these stimuli, Fronteris is actively working to expand its portfolio that currently accounts for more than 330 MW of total installed capacity connected to the national grid and distributedover solar, wind and biogas energy sources.

From October 2016, Fronteris has entrusted BaxEnergy’s turn-key solution Energy Studio Pro® (ESP) for monitoring and controlling its wind farms as well as maximizing their value through a secure data collection architecture. Located in Regensburg city, in the Southern part of the Country, Fronteris’ eight wind power plants and the additionally planned three new ones have a total nominal power of over 163 MW with more than sixty-four  wind turbines feeding the national grid with clean energy. In a very short-time BaxEnergy’s team of experts has been able to integrate all power plants data into ESP unique platform, providing the best-in class solutions to company’s challenges.

BaxEnergy and Fronteris: ESP Reporting System Energy Studio Pro® Reporting System: discover more on ESP product page

Fronters is now taking full advantage of Energy Stdudio Pro® with its several features including the newly released  Reporting System that allows to execute custom and automated reports with configurable KPIs calculation for measuring energy goals’ achievement. In addition to pre-built reports about wind farms performance, availability and efficiency, the company can process large quantity of historical data and integrate data from external sources, creating with ease their own reports and transforming results analysis into fast and effective decisions.

“Fronteris is one of my first project since I’m working in BaxEnergy and I found very stimulating to collaborate with this company that is one of the pioneers in the German renewable energy market”, proudly affirms Axel Büch, new Project Manager at BaxEnergy who continues saying “I think that what makes this project successful is the great synergy between Fronteris’ team and ours. Bringing together our experience, know-how and competencies and combining them in a mutual cooperation are the bases to transform customers’ desires into effective solutions”.

As Fronteris’ mission is to shape the development of energy generation and to deal responsibly with the resources available, the company is already planning to expand its portfolio building new power plants to be monitored under Energy Studio Pro® as well as to improve power plants management through BaxEnergy’s latest product suite AssetStack that very soon will become a valuable team member of Fronteris’ company.

BaxEnergy and Fronteris: ESP GIS overview Energy Studio Pro® Geographical Information System: discover more on ESP product page

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Fronteris deals in renewable energies since the ’90s with the main goal is to shape the development of energy generation and to deal responsibly with the resources available. To achieve this, Fronteris works on economic ideas and concepts to generate energy reliably from the sun, wind and biogas for an optimum combination of ecology and economy. Comapany’s success is based on mutual cooperation with everyone involved in the project and fair interactions with staff and customers. For additional information about the company and service offers, please visit:

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