BaxEnergy reaches 75% coverage of Morocco’s wind energy market

BaxEnergy leading player in Morocc's wind energy market

BaxEnergy leading player in Morocc’s wind energy market

Casablanca/Morocco, March 2017: BaxEnergy breaks a new wind energy record as leading player covering 75% of Moroccan market, shaping the renewable sector with the latest cutting-edge technologies

Over the last decade, the renewable energy market has seen a booming increase of wind power around the world becoming the fastest-growing energy source. From Europe to USA, from Asia to Africa, wind industry is the well-developed area of the green sector feeding countries with clean energy.

As one the windiest area of Africa, Morocco is particularly suited to harnessing wind for electricity. With an installed capacity of nearly 800 MW in 2016, Morocco represents the third-largest African wind market behind South Africa and Egypt. Country’s renewable energy goals are the most ambitious in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region as the national energy plan paves the way for the liberalization of high-voltage power generation. According to its resilient energy policy, Morocco’s target for 2020 is to increase renew­able energy capacity to 42% and 52% by 2030.

BaxEnergy leading player in Morocc's wind energy market

While Morocco ranks 146th in the world in terms of its own annual greenhouse gas emissions per capita, the Country takes the leadership in the (MENA) region in terms of commitment to reduce global warming as the Moroccan city of Marrakesh has hosted in November 2016 the United Nations Conference of Parties to the Convention on Climate Changes (COP 22).

As wind energy is playing a key role in helping Morocco meet its targets, government is fostering even more the development of large-scale wind farms as well as a closer relationship between private suppliers and the national grid operator ONEE (Office National de l’Electricité et de l’Eau Potable). This is proven by the recent national tender – won by Nareva Holding together with other international com­panies such as Enel – to build a new 850 MW wind farm that will be influential to reach the goal of 2GW of wind energy by 2020.

BaxEnergy leading player in Morocc's wind energy market

In this flourishing energy landscape, BaxEnergy is breaking a new wind energy record as leading player covering 75% of Moroccan market with more than 600 MW of monitored power. By shaping Country’s energy sector with the latest cutting-edge technologies, BaxEnergy provides its turn-key solution Energy Studio Pro® (ESP) to the main energy providers among which Energie Eolienne du Maroc (EEM), wholly-owned subsidiary of Nareva Holding. It is indeed monitored under Energy Studio Pro® the 300 MW Tarfaya wind farm, the largest in the African Continent, which is marking Morocco’s fast wind growth and a steady energy balance in the generation mix. Thanks to the successful collaboration with EEM, BaxEnergy is expanding its portfolio becoming the biggest solution provider for wind operators that in turn take significant benefits from the innovative BaxEnergy’s projects aimed at fostering a greener and sustainable future for the Country. “We are more than proud of the outstanding record we reached in only few years in the Moroccan wind market”, states Dr. Simone Massaro BaxEnergy CEO, who continues: “By bringing our solution into the market, our main goal is to make our customers’ successful, because if they are successful we are successful as well. With our projects, we offer to our customers an on-going support, helping them to overcome key challenges such as equipping local communities to utilize renewable energy sources to grow the industry throughout the country.” Dr. Simone Massaro concludes saying: “Only by closely working with our customers, we can shape Morocco’s renewable energy sector in a way that emphasizes local development, information sharing and direct involvement of all Country sectors.”

While Morocco’s energy trends are quite positive, other challenges of the national energy plan remain to be addressed: achieving effective integration of high shares of renewables into the grid; reducing regulatory barriers and fiscal constraints and so on. If successful, the Moroccan plan may encourage a wider use of renewable energy throughout the nation and the entire MENA region.

BaxEnergy’s team will continue to support energy players into bringing a Wind of Change in Morocco with a domino effect on the entire continent.

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