BaxEnergy Recognized by Gartner as a Sample Vendor of Renewable Energy Management Systems

In the latest Gartner report “Hype Cycle for Power and Utility Industry IT, 2024”, BaxEnergy has been highlighted as a Sample Vendor of REMS solutions. 

The report offers critical insights into the evolving technological landscape of the power and utility industry, identifying key innovations that are set to shape the future of energy management. The report is essential for CIOs and technology executives in the energy sector, guiding them in making informed decisions about technology investments. 

Key areas of focus include the integration of asset and process information, the progression of technologies like AI and edge computing, and the adoption of renewable energy management systems (REMS).

BaxEnergy’s role in Renewable Energy Management

BaxEnergy stands out in the report for its contributions to renewable energy management through its advanced software solutions. BaxEnergy’s Renewable Energy Management Solutions, like Energy Studio Pro®, will play a central role in addressing several critical obstacles in the renewable energy sector, such as:

  • Asset Management Automation: one of the primary challenges for renewable energy producers is the lack of advanced technologies for asset management automation. Traditional methods often fall short, necessitating significant investment in big data analytics, cloud computing, and predictive analytics. BaxEnergy’s software solutions integrate these advanced technologies, providing comprehensive tools for automated asset management. This reduces the manual intervention required and enhances the reliability and performance of renewable energy assets.
  • Integration Complexity: integrating diverse analytical tools into existing systems is another significant challenge. BaxEnergy’s solutions streamline this process by offering a unified platform that supports the integration with different sources, regardless of technology or manufacturer. This reduces the complexity and cost associated with architectural restructuring and resource optimization, making it easier for renewable energy producers to adopt and benefit from advanced management systems.
  • Interoperability and Integration with Third-Party Tools: effective renewable energy management relies on robust data capabilities and seamless integration with third-party tools. BaxEnergy’s platforms are designed with interoperability in mind, ensuring smooth operation and management of renewable energy assets. This interoperability is crucial for overcoming business capability gaps and achieving seamless integration across different systems and tools.
  • Technology Team Preparation: for the successful adoption of our solutions, BaxEnergy provides comprehensive training programs to help customers understand and leverage the full potential of REMS. This training is crucial for organizations to grasp the significance of these systems in optimizing renewable energy asset management.


Global Impact and Contribution to Decarbonization

BaxEnergy’s solutions are currently enhancing the performance of over 2000 renewable energy plants worldwide. By providing tools that optimize the management and operation of these plants, BaxEnergy plays a substantial role in the global decarbonization process. 

Our software solutions help reduce downtime, increase efficiency, and maximize the return on investment for renewable energy assets.

The alignment of BaxEnergy’s technology with the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) targets for renewable energy underscores its critical role in the energy transition. The IEA aims for renewable resources to provide 70% of the world’s energy supply by 2050, a target that necessitates significant improvements in renewable energy management and optimization.


BaxEnergy’s contributions are pivotal in achieving these goals, supporting the scalability and efficiency required for a sustainable energy future.



This acknowledgment by Gartner is a testament to BaxEnergy’s innovative approach and our commitment in shaping the future of industrial decarbonization.

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