BaxEnergy recognized by Gartner as one of the top companies providing REMS 

We are thrilled to announce that BaxEnergy has been recognized by Gartner as one of the top companies providing Renewable Energy Management Systems (REMS) solutions worldwide! This incredible achievement is a testament to the unwavering commitment of our team at BaxEnergy. 

Gartner Inc. is a prominent global research and advisory firm that provides information, insights, and advice to businesses and organizations across various industries. It offers a wide range of services, including research reports, market analysis, consulting, and conferences. 

Founded in 1979, Gartner has become a trusted source of research and analysis for technology-related trends, market dynamics, and strategic decision-making. The company is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, USA, and operates worldwide, serving clients in more than 100 countries. 

In its latest report, the “Market Guide for Renewable Energy Management Solutions” – published on 19 June 2023 – Gartner provided precious insights into the Renewable Energy Management Solutions market (defined as “REMS”), highlighting its key findings and dynamics and nominating the best companies operating in this sector (among which our company). 

What are Renewable Energy Management Systems (REMS)? 

Renewable Energy Management Systems (REMS) are software-based systems designed to monitor, control, and optimize the generation, distribution, and consumption of renewable energy resources. These systems play a crucial role in integrating and managing various renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, hydro, biomass, and geothermal power, into the existing power grid infrastructure. 

REMS provide a comprehensive suite of tools and functionalities to ensure efficient and reliable operation of renewable energy systems. Some key features of REMS include: 

  • Data Acquisition and Monitoring: REMS gather real-time data from renewable energy generation sources, weather conditions, energy storage systems, and energy consumption devices. This data includes information about power production, load demands, battery levels, and grid parameters. 

  • Forecasting and Planning: REMS employ advanced algorithms and predictive models to forecast renewable energy generation and demand patterns. These forecasts help operators optimize the scheduling of renewable resources, plan maintenance activities, and make informed decisions regarding energy procurement and trading. 

  • Energy Optimization and Control: REMS optimize the performance of renewable energy systems by dynamically adjusting operational parameters. This includes controlling the power output of renewable sources, coordinating energy storage systems, and managing grid interactions to ensure stability and maximize the utilization of renewable resources. 

  • Grid Integration and Demand Response: REMS facilitate the integration of renewable energy into the power grid by managing grid interactions, balancing supply and demand, and supporting demand response programs. They enable the grid to handle fluctuations in renewable energy generation and actively participate in grid services, such as frequency regulation and voltage control. 

  • Reporting and Analytics: REMS provide comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, offering insights into renewable energy production, consumption patterns, system performance, and energy savings. These tools help stakeholders monitor the effectiveness of renewable energy initiatives, identify opportunities for improvement, and meet regulatory requirements. 

The overarching goal of REMS is to enable the effective management of renewable energy resources, enhance grid stability, optimize energy usage, and facilitate the transition towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. 

Why are REMS becoming increasingly vital in the renewable energy industry?  

In 2022, RE installed capacity exceeded coal for the first time, with installation of solar at 260 GW and wind at 96 GW. RE assets also have a diverse base that is increasingly incorporating additional energy technologies such as storage, hydrogen, and DC and AC interconnectors.  

To meet the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) net-zero targets, renewable resources must provide 70% of the world’s energy supply by 2050. This will require renewable energy to dominate power producers’ asset portfolios, and represents a 500% increase in RE resource capacity, from almost 12% penetration in 2021. To scale out these assets, energy companies need to move from custom-made siloed legacy apps to platforms that can provide support for holistic remote RE operation and more flexibility. That’s where REMS step in to revolutionize the game! 

As business operations become more dynamic and complex, flexible and smart technologies are required to handle the increase in real-time event signals. This is why RE operators are strategically investing in REMS for the improvement and alignment of performance and production decision intelligence across a portfolio of complex assets.  

What does BaxEnergy offer to utilities, IPPs, asset owners and investment funds? 

As mentioned in the “Market Guide for Renewable Energy Management Solutions” by Gartner, BaxEnergy is one of the most important providers of REMS solutions in the world. 
We are an international software company specialized in advanced solutions for renewable energy management and monitoring. Our company offers a comprehensive suite of software products and services designed to optimize the performance, efficiency, and profitability of renewable energy assets. 

By combining extensive domain expertise with the latest cutting-edge technologies, we have interconnected +110 GW of renewable energy produced from power plants in +20 countries worldwide. 

BaxEnergy can help you with the creation of intelligent remote operations systems, energy trading, power forecasting, industrial battery storage management and other solutions for the monitoring and control of critical infrastructures, such as asset performance management systems and energy management systems. 

Our flagship solution Energy Studio Pro® (ESP) is a complete and independent end-to-end platform to efficiently visualize, analyze and optimize power plant’s data and operations across multiple technologies and manufacturers, in real-time from your monitoring room or from anywhere with enhanced mobile access. 

Do you want to learn more on how can BaxEnergy help your company to improve the profitability of your RE assets, reduce O&M efforts and increase ROI? 

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