BaxEnergy selected by Dorper Wind Farm to monitor and control their wind portfolio

We are glad to announce that BaxEnergy gained a new customer, Dorper Wind Farm, within its extensive portfolio of utilities, IPPs, investment funds and RE asset owners.

Dorper Wind Farm is an Independent Power Producer located between the Molteno and Sterkstroom communities in the Eastern Cape – generating 100 MW of clean, renewable, energy that is fed into Eskom’s grid.

Commercial operations of the power station have started in 2014, and the energy generated is sold to the South African national electricity utility company Eskom.

This article dives into the importance of wind energy monitoring, highlighting BaxEnergy’s expertise in this field and exploring the key factors that led Dorper Wind Farm to choose our solution.

Understanding Wind Energy Monitoring

The world’s increasing focus on renewable energy sources has sparked a significant rise in the demand for wind power. Wind energy suppliers, like Dorper Wind Farm, have become vital contributors to sustainable energy generation.

However, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency of wind energy assets requires robust monitoring and control systems.

By closely tracking the performance of wind turbines, monitoring systems allow operators to identify potential issues, optimize maintenance strategies, and ensure the overall health of the assets.

With historical and real-time data on parameters such as power output, wind speed, and turbine health, operators can make informed decisions to mitigate downtime, reduce costs, and enhance the overall operational efficiency of wind farms.

wind energy monitoring offers several benefits:

  • it enables proactive maintenance, allowing operators to detect anomalies and address them before they escalate into significant problems (lesson learned from Siemens Gamesa);
  • it provides valuable insights into energy generation patterns, helping operators analyze historical data and optimize the positioning and performance of wind turbines.

In recognition of this, Dorper Wind Farm has chosen BaxEnergy, to oversee their wind energy assets.

Why Dorper Wind Farm chose BaxEnergy

We had the pleasure of meeting Dorper Wind Farm’s CEO, Mrs. Mamoso May, during WindEurope Copenaghen (April 2023). At that time, her company was relying on one of our competitors’ solutions, but she was looking for better customization capabilities to support the asset management activities for their wind energy assets.

We then proposed the implementation of a Intelligent Remote Operation Center based on our platforms Energy Studio Pro® and AssetStack®.

This solution has been designed to maximize the value generated by assets through secure and robust data collection architecture, custom KPIs calculation such as energy availability and efficiency, and reporting across all power plants.

As you may have already guessed, Dorper Wind Farm selected BaxEnergy for two main reasons:

  • our ability to provide advanced customized solutions, tailored on the needs of their asset managers (customized dashboards & reports);
  • our commitment to customer satisfaction, thanks to the amazing work of our Customer Care team.

What are the key features of BaxEnergy’s monitoring solutions?

With a rich range of products and services, BaxEnergy provides comprehensive monitoring systems tailored to the specific needs of each wind farm. Our extensive expertise and experience in the industry have positioned us as a trusted partner for wind power plants operators worldwide.

Our software solutions offer real-time insights, advanced analytics, machine learning algorithms, customization, and intuitive interfaces, empowering wind farm operators with actionable information for optimal performance.

The implementation of BaxEnergy’s monitoring solution is going to bring significant benefits to Dorper Wind Farm, resulting in improved asset availability, reduced maintenance costs and increased overall energy production.


The selection of BaxEnergy by Dorper Wind Farm underscores the importance of effective wind energy monitoring for the sustainable and efficient operation of wind farms. By harnessing the power of data, we are confident that Dorper Wind Farm will enhance its business performance and contribute significantly to the clean energy revolution.

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