BaxEnergy special testimonial as shining example of innovative start-up at Start Cup Catania 2016

Acireale/Italy, September 2016: Simone Massaro, BaxEnergy CEO, attends the annual business plan competition Start Cup Catania 2016, addressing his personal testimony to young entrepreneurial students

Simone Massaro, BaxEnergy CEO, during his speech at Start Cup Catania 2016

Startup entrepreneurs, academic professors, entrepreneurial students, investors: all came together Monday, September 19th, attending the workshop “Finance for start-up” organized within the annual business plan competition “Start Cup Catania 2016”, promoted by CAPITT and the University of Catania in collaboration with Credito Siciliano.

Creating innovations with solid business models has been the topic of the workshop during which thirteen teams involved in the competition had the possibility to debate together with field experts about successful business strategies, economic and financial plans and start-up projects.

The workshop opened with the welcoming speech of Saverio Continella, CEO of Credito Siciliano who expresses his enthusiasm ahead of the event: “The entrepreneurial spirit is essential to bring innovations in our territory and start-up companies are the key drivers of wealth and job creation. That is why the importance of being here today, discussing together such stimulating topics.” By addressing to the young entrepreneurial students, Professor Faraci says “We are pleased to have here Simone Massaro, BaxEnergy CEO, testimonial of an innovative start-up that in only five years is successfully redefining the landscape of renewable energy market by envisioning new ideas and projects.”

BaxEnergy represents a story of enthusiasm, true talent and innovation. Leading expert in cutting-edge technologies, industrial applications and renewable energy, his founder Simone Massaro worked in the USA for ten years on high profile software automation projects employed worldwide. Driven by his passion for innovation and information technologies together with his strong social responsibility to make the World looking better, he moved back to Catania to bring his visions to reality founding BaxEnergy. “I have always believed on the fundamental role of renewable energies for our Planet. Our vision is a future shaped by accessible and clean renewable energy, for the wellbeing of generations to come”, explains Simone Massaro.  “Having a dream is the starting point for building your dream business. Nothing can happen without tenacity, fortitude, and courage. This was my experience and this is my recommendation for you”, says Simone Massaro, adding “To successfully approach the business market, it is fundamental to think globally, acting without physical and intellectual barriers.” He concludes emphasizing the importance to be passionate about the mission that will move the business forward: “If you love what you do and you work with enthusiasm, you will succeed in in your life and in your job.”

About BaxEnergy

BaxEnergy is dedicated to deliver innovative turnkey solutions to renewable energy players for complete visualization, data analysis and optimization of their power plants. The aim of the company is to make renewable energy easier, more efficient, affordable and secure, contributing to build a greener world for the benefit of present and future generations. BaxEnergy was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Bad Nenndorf, Germany. The Development and Support division is located in Catania, Italy. For additional information about the company and service offers, please visit:


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