BaxEnergy testimonial at the Sustainable and Circular Economy Conference

Catania/Italy, June 2017: Selected by the Time Bank as successful example of a sustainable business model, BaxEnergy brings its experience in a one day conference addressing the important transition to a green and low carbon economy

Circular Economy  Mr. Vincenzo Carbone, BaxEnergy Strategic Business Unit’s Commercial Director, during his speech at the Sustainable and Circular Economy Conference

Promoting a new economic thinking, a smarter use of natural resources and more sustainable production and consumption patterns: these the topics addressed within the Sustainable and Circular Economy Panel Conference organized by Time Bank on June 17th in Catania.

By making sustainability a distinctive value, BaxEnergy has been invited to join the event as special testimonial of innovative company that combines sustainable business models with resilient economic growth, boosting local development and powering a greener tomorrow. “Renewable resources are fundamental for mankind and for our planet’s life. Through our customers in Italy and abroad, we spread the importance of investing in energy sources with low environmental impact, widely available and naturally replenished”, said Mr. Vincenzo Carbone, BaxEnergy Strategic Business Unit’s Commercial Director, who during his speech pointed out “In BaxEnergy, we firmly believe that innovation is the engine to drive strong and sustainable growth at every level. It is the so-called Glocal way of working and thinking. Indeed, if locally we work to enhance synergies with University communities, start-ups, and graduates, calling back excellence and talents born in our territory but working abroad; globally we implement highly innovative projects that make renewable resources the key to maximize life’s quality and reduce the ecological footprint.”

Circular Economy

With the growing awareness to move beyond the traditional economic system to a model that end-up with human wellbeing within environmental limits, the Sustainable and Circular Economy Conference has been an important step forward to open new avenues for cooperation, dialog and initiatives aimed to build societies that are economically viable, environmentally sound and socially responsible.

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