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BaxEnergy to enhance profitability and resilience of Asja’s renewable assets

Catania, May 3rd, 2024 – We are excited to share that BaxEnergy has recently welcomed a new client – Asja, an International group of companies that design, build and manage renewable power plants.

Founded in 1995 and with operational offices in Italy, China, and Brazil, Asja has established its presence on the market as a modern, virtuous company which combines care for the environment with technology and scientific research, ensuring constant respect for People and Planet.

Asja is a leading company in electricity generation from landfill gas and is also active in power generation from wind, photovoltaic and biomass as well as in the trading of clean energy, green certificates and carbon credits (www.co2reduction.it). BaxEnergy will assist Asja in managing a substantial portfolio of 83,8 MW, which includes 6 wind farms and 12 PV plants.

Why BaxEnergy?

With the increasing demand for clean energy worldwide, it’s crucial for companies to leverage advanced software solutions to enhance their operational efficiency and assets’ profitability and resilience. 

BaxEnergy’s comprehensive monitoring platform will provide them with profitable insights and tools to optimize their assets performance, ensuring they continue to play a pivotal role in advancing renewable energy adoption and combating climate change.

BaxEnergy’s Renewable Energy Management System, Energy Studio Pro®, will play a central role in fulfilling these goals. ESP is set to boost Asja’s power plants performance with:

  • Real-time analysis capabilities, ensuring immediate and effective responses to live data and operational statuses.
  • Power plants efficiency management through historical data analysis, enabling a deeper understanding of performance trends and identification of improvement opportunities.
  • Automation of availability calculations, streamlining the process for determining plant operational status and enhancing efficiency.
  • Advanced reports and KPIs calculation capabilities, aiding in the precise monitoring and optimization of plant performance.
  • Customization of reports layout, allowing for tailored data presentation that aligns with specific needs and preferences.
  • Reduction of Reaction Time, through the use of alarms and notifications, ensuring prompt action on critical issues.
  • Automation of daily tasks and support for operators, improving operational workflow and reducing the workload on personnel.
  • Generation of actionable insights, prioritized based on how much money you are currently losing by not addressing a specific issue, to drive better maintenance management decisions.

As we welcome Asja Ambiente into our esteemed circle of clients, we are honored to have been chosen as their trusted partner for monitoring their renewable assets. Together, we are set to make significant strides in driving the renewable energy revolution forward, paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future for all.


About BaxEnergy

BaxEnergy is a leading provider of innovative software solutions for the renewable energy industry. With a focus on enhancing efficiency and optimizing performance, BaxEnergy offers comprehensive solutions for utilities, independent power producers, investment funds, and asset managers.

BaxEnergy’s flagship product Energy Studio Pro® is a Renewable Energy Management System that spans the entire spectrum of renewable energy sources, including wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, hydrogen, and battery storage. BaxEnergy’s state-of-the-art software suite is designed to facilitate seamless visualization, analysis, and optimization of renewable energy power plants, ensuring maximized output and efficiency. It includes real-time monitoring and control, asset performance management, predictive maintenance, and comprehensive reporting and analytics.