BaxEnergy to monitor the largest wind farm in African Continent

Tarfaya largest wind farm in African Continent

Casablanca/Morocco, January 2017: With Energy Studio Pro®, BaxEnergy helps the Moroccan company Energie Eolienne du Maroc to improve the efficiency of renewable energy production in the Country

A new outstanding achievement has just arrived for BaxEnergy that is ready for take-off the monitoring of the 300 MW Tarfaya wind farm in Morocco, the largest in the African Continent to date.

Sited on the Western side of the Sahara desert, Tarfaya power plant with its 131 wind turbines is considered the best for grinding out green energy because of the high wind potential coming from the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The wind farm is the result of two years’ work commissioned to Tarfaya Energy Company (TAREC), a 50/50 joint venture between the companies ENGIE and Energie Eolienne du Maroc (EEM), wholly-owned subsidiary of Nareva Holding.

By spreading over more than 100 square km, Tarfaya project is going to boost Morocco’s wind industry blooming, making the Country one of the most influential African players in terms of renewable energy production. As it represents 15% of the 2GW wind energy target set by the Moroccan government, EEM with more than 600 MW of installed capacity and additionally planned 850 MW, will significantly contribute to achieve the goal of 42% installed capacity from renewable energy  by 2020 and 52% by 2030.

BaxEnergy monitors 300 MW Tarfaya wind farm

To make this happen and to take the greatest benefits of highly efficient power plant, Energie Eolienne du Maroc, together with ENGIE, has chosen BaxEnergy turn-key solution Energy Studio Pro® to collect and monitor the large volume of power plant data and transforming them into effective decisions. Since 2014, BaxEnergy team is closely working with EEM supporting the company during the entire process for the implementation of a Local Control Room (LCR) in Casablanca, equipped with the latest cutting edge technologies developed at the BaxEnergy R&D Center. BaxEnergy provided also the LCR hardware infrastructure including: operator workstations, video wall for real-time monitoring and a full publicity screen that will show the new geographical information system (GIS) for a complete real-time overview of wind power plants and of each turbine, the 3D wind farm visualization as well as advanced custom graphic interfaces to measure values such as energy production and impacts in terms of CO2 emissions’ reduction.

Additionally, EEM will take big advantage of BaxEnergy’s Store & Forward Server, able to collect and aggregate raw data in real time at high speed frequency and to forward and store them into a local database, guaranteeing in this way a secure and uninterrupted data transmission chain. By avoiding the loss of information, EEM technicians will be able to carry out analysis at higher level of precision, going deeper inside to understand turbines performance and status.

BaxEnergy monitors Tarfaya wind farm

As innovation is the inner strength of BaxEnergy’s projects, Tarfaya wind farm can be considered the touchstone that gives proof the experience and the expertise of BaxEnergy team. Indeed, EEM is one of the first BaxEnergy’s customer to use in the daily work an advanced custom event classification configurator that enables the calculation of specific key performance indicators – KPIs– such as availability, efficiency and performance.

All in all, with Energy Studio Pro®, Energie Eolienne du Maroc is going to save considerable amount of time – up to 40+ hours per month – freeing resources while increasing revenues thanks to a better performance of their turbines.

The realization of Tarfaya project marks a great success for BaxEnergy’s team of experts as Stefano Scrivo, Project Manager at BaxEnergy, highlights with his words: “We are really proud of this achievement and above all we are really proud to make our customer successful. The strong collaboration with Energie Eolienne du Morocco grew year by year in a trustful relation based on shared values and goals among which making this world a greener one.”

Energie Eolienne du Moroc, which is a “young” company in the renewable market (founded in 2005), is also aiming at improving their efficiency taking full advantage of BaxEnergy experience. A further step in that direction is the implementation in their portfolio of AssetStack, the latest product suite of BaxEnergy, so to easier manage the day-to-day asset management activities, expanding benefits and adding further value to the project through the integration with Energy Studio Pro®.

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