BaxSummit 2023: A Made in Italy experience designed for our Customers

In the heart of Sicily, BaxEnergy’s headquarters buzzed with excitement on October 25th, 2023, as energy industry leaders, visionaries, and experts from all over the World gathered together for the BaxSummit 2023.

With +150 attendees, +15 international speakers and +12 sessions on topics like REMS and Renewable Energy Asset Performance Management , Operations and Collaboration in RE Power Plants, VR application in Maintenance, Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity, this extraordinary event was more than just a conference. It was a testament to the creativity, passion, and collective drive of our community towards a more sustainable future.



1. Expert insights that ignited conversations 

The event was set in motion by Simone Massaro, CEO of BaxEnergy, who welcomed the attendees, setting the stage for what would be an intellectually stimulating and transformative event. Massaro’s introduction was not just a formality; it was a roadmap, guiding the audience through the intricate realms of sustainable energy solutions and giving them a quick glimpse of what lies ahead in the future of the market. 

After Massaro’s welcome, Alessandro Lodi, Head of Sales & BD of BaxEnergy, and Davide Vecchio, COO of BaxEnergy, took the stage. Both are industry professionals whose presentations focused on the next wave of advancements in Renewable Energy Management Systems (REMS).  

This topic is of paramount importance in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. Drawing insights from the latest reports by Gartner, Alessandro Lodi and Davide Vecchio informed the audience about the emerging trends that are reshaping the market. Their data-driven analyses provided invaluable foresight, guiding businesses in making strategic decisions in renewable energy management. 

The intellectual insights continued with Prof. Sebastiano Battiato, an authority in Artificial Intelligence, who explored the developments and applications in this groundbreaking field. His speech delved deep into the future, revealing the limitless possibilities that AI offers for sustainable energy solutions. From predictive analytics to optimizing energy consumption, Professor Battiato’s insights sparked conversations and fueled attendees’ minds with the potential of AI-driven innovations. 

Following this enlightening discourse, Prof. Giampaolo Bella stepped into the spotlight, addressing a critical aspect of modern technology – Cybersecurity. In an age where digital advancements come hand in hand with vulnerabilities, Professor Bella’s speech was a beacon of knowledge. He delved into the intricacies of cybersecurity, shedding light on the importance of safeguarding renewable energy infrastructures from cyber threats. His expertise not only educated but also instilled a sense of vigilance, prompting discussions on how to fortify the digital foundations of sustainable energy systems.



2. Customers’ Success Stories: The pulse of BaxSummit 2023 

One of the highlights of BaxSummit 2023 was the profound engagement of our customers, who were not merely spectators but the very heartbeat of the event. Their insightful contributions and engaging talks turned this gathering into a dynamic hub of ideas and innovation.

Jean-Maurice Gimet from Hynamics shared his views on hydrogen technologies and how BaxEnergy’s solutions have contributed to his company’s success. He also provided very interesting insights into the future potential of clean energy and green hydrogen. 

Davide Romano of Cubico Investments took the stage to share how BaxEnergy’s cutting-edge software, including Energy Studio Pro® and the new Analog to Event module, played a pivotal role in enhancing Cubico Investments’ performance. Through the seamless integration of BaxEnergy’s solutions, Cubico Investments witnessed a remarkable 15% increase in their operational efficiency, setting a new standard in the realm of sustainable investments. 

Orestis Asilian of Enel Green Power gave to the audience an overview on the EGP’s assets currently monitored by BaxEnergy and then answered to one important question: “Why BaxEnergy?” 

“We were 4 people, we were using 50 different SCADA Systems and we were spending 3h/day/man for reporting procedures. After implementing Bax’s solutions, the procedures became faster and faster and today we need just 3-4 screens to have under control all the most important dashboards and KPIs from our power plants. Thanks to this, today we have effective asset monitoring, which means faster identification and production losses minimization” – stated Orestis during his presentation.

3. A memorable experience, together! 

After the Summit, colleagues, friends, clients and partners, all converged at the wonderful Palazzo Biscari, a historic masterpiece and one of Catania’s most treasured private palaces. The gala dinner was the culmination of the immense effort and dedication of BaxEnergy’s team. It stood as a testament to the meticulous planning and unwavering commitment that had driven BaxSummit 2023 to its resounding success. 

As the curtains closed on BaxSummit 2023, there was a palpable sense of community in the air. Every attendee, speaker, and team member contributed to making this experience unforgettable. The shared passion for sustainable energy and the drive to innovate created an atmosphere that was not only enriching but transformative.

4. What’s next: Thrilling announcements on the horizon

The insights shared, the connections fostered, and the projects initiated during this event are not just confined to the walls of the conference hall; they are seeds planted, destined to grow into a future where sustainable energy is not just a dream but a reality.  

The reverberations of BaxSummit 2023 are still echoing, and the excitement continues to build. Stay tuned, for BaxEnergy is gearing up to make some thrilling announcements. The momentum generated at the summit will propel us forward, driving us to explore new horizons, forge new partnerships, and craft pioneer innovative solutions that will redefine the landscape of sustainable energy! 

If you want to discover more about our vision and solutions, meet our experts!