Borusan EnBW Enerji 100% satisfied from BaxEnergy’s solutions and new onboarding process

New onboarding methodology: receiving the benefits with minimal risk during the transition

Today we are excited to share the beginning of a new project with Borusan EnBW Enerji for the adoption of Energy Studio Pro® and Assetstack®.

Borusan EnBW Enerji is a company founded in 2009, whose target is to become the leading energy company in Turkish wind energy sector. The total installed capacity of the Turkish company is around 725 MW and, before the purchase of ESP, the customer needed a unified system for the monitoring of their 9 wind power plants in Turkey, since their existing 1stlevel SCADA has very limited analytics.

The company is able to understand the needs of both the customers and the market, and thanks to this, their team is working on developing creative, different and economic solutions to satisfy them.

Due to its consistently growth and the huge amount of data produced by their 192 turbines from different OEMs, Borusan EnBW Enerji needed excellent tools to improve the data completeness and quality of reports, as well as historical data import from the pre-existent systems in the power plant. BaxEnergy software solutions and platforms resulted the turnkey solutions they were looking for.

A new onboarding process

Thanks to BaxEnergy teamwork, which was able to identify Borusan’s needs and proactively satisfy them, the client onboarding process was successfully completed even ahead of scheduled time, without any delay or inefficiencies.

BaxEnergy team provided the costumer with Energy Studio Pro® and AssetStack®, which respectively are an all-in-one renewable energy asset management system, that allows all renewable energy professionals and stakeholders to proactively monitor and control solar, wind, hydro, hydrogen, geothermal and combined cycle  power plants to improve asset profitability and reliability, and a comprehensive asset management platform that enables easy handling and storage of all power plants lifecycle information, operations and activities in one unique place.

Borusan EnBW Enerji 100% satisfied by BaxEnergy’s solutions

After the system delivery, Borusan EnBW Enerji had 15 days to check the system and give to BaxEnergy feedback about the ongoing of installed tools. No additional budget was required from the customer and all the key requirements that were part of the scope had been fulfilled. Indeed, BaxEnergy can proudly affirms that its clients were 100% satisfied, both from the services offered and the quality of tools acquired.

A continuous and efficient support from the BaxEnergy’s dedicated team of engineers and project managers will make Borusan EnBW Enerji’s Team comfortable in the use of our intelligent platform Energy Studio Pro® and its integrated asset management system AssetStack®, improving and facilitating their daily life.

Thanks to our future-proof platform Energy Studio Pro®, now they can gain full control of their wind power plants in real-time. Among all the benefits highlighted by our client, this feature allowed them to supply reliable and clean energy to their customers with the outmost care to the society and environment.

All these goals were achieved thanks to teamwork, indeed, and the efficiency and capability of BaxEnergy staff combined with the professionalism and dedication of all the team members of Borusan.

Mahir Tosun, Renewables Engineering Manager at Borusan EnBW Enerji, and Ali Haydar Çakmak, Maintenance Manager at Borusan EnBW Enerji, stated that they are extremely pleased of the functionality of our tools and of the rapidity with which we have finished the configuration and integration.

The collaboration between BaxEnergy and Borusan EnBW Enerji resulted deeply meaningful in terms of future prospectives and we hope that this will be just the beginning of a long-lasting partnership.