Centralized data helps control Assets remotely and maintain activities riskless

Everyday companies deal with several different tasks: from legal duties to supplier contracts, from health and safety obligations and activities to safety equipment inspections and training for employees. The daily operational activities involve considerable human resources that rarely share information with each other, thus leading to a costly inefficiency. The risk of missing information or data grows bigger as most of the management work is being done from home, as it’s happening in the last months.

The global emergency caused a total reorganization of work shifts, locations and ways of working at all management levels, but procedures keep on being the best allies to maintain the same efficiency as before.

Different organizational levels need to collect all data in a single repository, so that executives, administrative personnel, O&M managers and field technicians can closely cooperate in exchanging information on maintenance activities, human resources, warehouses and logistics.

Having a comprehensive asset management platform that enables easy handling and storage of all power plants lifecycle information, operations and activities in one unique place makes work faster and more efficient, especially for on-site operators.

AssetStack helps you manage planned maintenance requirements

AssetStack® supports O&M checklists for Field Operators which allow technicians to execute planned maintenance, access related documentations off-line, record visual on-site inspections and annotate details about broken components in an intuitive and customizable way. This enables operators to know exactly what is going on, what to fix and to keep an electronic copy of all records for further reference.

Actually, a comprehensive asset management platform such as AssetStack® goes further: before assigning work orders, it checks individual licenses and certifications of human resources and suppliers so that only the highest qualified operators will be selected to get the job done. Also, by controlling workplace hazards and maintaining incident records, it shares the best practices which need to be applied.

So, beside providing the infrastructure to create entities, data forms and workflows to help centralize and secure data, AssetStack® also tracks all changes and saves time, consequently boosting the overall team productivity. In fact, being based on Cloud technologies, it enables companies to define custom workflows both for automatic data manipulation and for supporting human processes tailored to specific needs and practices.

It’s not only about cost-effectiveness, it all starts and ends with Health & Safety. That’s why we have created a comprehensive asset management platform which not only enables easy handling and storage of all power plant lifecycle information, operations and activities in one unique place but it also complies with Health, Safety and Environment Policies. Anyone in your power plants will always be as safe and risk-free as possible

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