Chile/ January 2020: BaxEnergy expands core operation in South-America

The opening of BaxEnergy’s first Branch Office in Chile strengthens the strategic partnership between the latter and EGP Chile, aiming to support the country towards the development of a sustainable environment and life in it.

In the last decade the Chilean Government has decided to act on the possibilities its territory offers, starting in 2013 with the emanation of Law 20.698. Also known as Law 20/25, the bill establishes that by 2020 at least 25% of commercialized energy must originate from renewable sources. More recently the country’s goal to mostly rely on renewable energies has been confirmed by Chilean Minister of Energy Juan Carlos Jobet whom, during the Madrid Climate Change Conference in December 2019, has declared to be planning to produce 70% of energy from renewable sources by 2030. Chile can brag a vast expansion of natural soil. By gliding over the country, a unique scenery manifests: aged glaciers, white salt planes, active volcanoes, lakes and the driest desert on earth. Not to mention its 4300 kilometers Pacific coastline. This geographical peculiarity grants the country the perfect conditions to rely on renewable energies, providing generous water supplies, good wind conditions and an impressive degree of solar radiation, especially in the Atacama desert.

With its expanding renewable energy pole, Enel Green Power Chile has been playing a pivotal point in the support of Chilean power transformation, together with the adoption of BaxEnergy’s turn-key solution Energy Studio Pro® for Data acquisition and storage for both real-time and historical trends to monitor and control wind, solar and hydro power plants in one intelligent platform.

BaxEnergy and EGP Chile collaboration dates as far back as 2014, year in which BaxEnergy implemented a control and monitoring room adapting them over the customer’s necessities. The process of customization, decided in Santiago during a 15 days span, consisted of an advanced “Human Machine Interface” (HMI) gathering and collecting large volumes of data coming from the power plants to turn it into intuitive information. The shared effort to accelerate Chile’s progress towards the almost exclusive use of renewable energy has been recently confirmed by both EGP Chile and BaxEnergy with the implementation and extension of Energy Studio Pro® based Local Monitor and Control Rooms for renewable power plants. The platform is equipped with Osisoft PI servers and other IoT devices in order to gather different data sources coming from the 16 power plants all over the country which produce 1GW power altogether. Energy Studio Pro® is equipped with a unique data presentation layer including web interface and reporting in order to make data uniform and intuitive to work with. Through Energy Studio Pro® customizable solutions, EGP Chile has been able to run its heterogeneous portfolio, setting custom alarms based on specific group of events such as high temperature, power disruption or devices inefficiency in order to have an instantaneous notification of failures and malfunctions, thus minimizing energy losses.

BaxEnergy has just reasserted its will to support the ambitious goal Chile has set for itself by opening its first headquarter in the country. Through the expansion in South-America, BaxEnergy is proud to sustain a country which is investing in renewable energy. Our effort is focused on developing state-of-the-art technology in order to facilitate the transition to renewables, by providing energy and saving it when it’s needed without destroying the world in which we live. “Working side-by-side with our Chilean colleagues has been a valuable experience in many ways. Professionally, the opportunity to support an evolving country in which renewable energy is taking more and more hold has been a pivotal point in the implementation and customization of EnergyStudio Pro®. The flexibility of our flagship software has been proved to be highly efficient to respond to our partner’s needs. Personally, on the other hand, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work in such a magical place as Chile is.” – Stefano Scrivo, BaxEnergy Solution and Service Manager

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