Controlling the Uncontrollable

A comprehensive walkthrough of Hydroelectrical Power Generation

Hydropower is the most mature, reliable and cost-effective renewable power generation technology available. Contemporary hydro turbines are so innovative that they are able to convert more than 90% of available energy into electricity. This is way better when compared to the best fossil fuel facility, which is only 50% efficient (IRENA, 2012).

Baxenergy Controlling the Uncontrollable Book

Being hydroelectric power plants very complex systems, this whitepaper aims to provide useful guidelines to efficiently analyze and optimize data.

The first two sections give a deep walkthro

ugh about hydropower plants’ components, schema and most common turbine technologies. They also provide some best practices to properly standardize the key data point to be collected and analyzed from each power plant. By doing so, asset managers will be able to easily view efficiencies and compare normalized results across all asset portfolio.

Lastly, the third section points out the main benefits that Energy Studio Pro®, the next-gen asset management platform, deliver to power plant’ operators enabling them to achieve the best outcomes in terms of energy production, asset performance, data reliability and the overall return of investments.

To learn more about hydropower plants’ operations and management, download the white paper.