Cubico Sustainable Investments Chooses BaxEnergy to Boost Efficiency of its PV Power Plants in Italy

Controlling the uncontrollable with BaxEnergy’s solutions—all in one place

What is one of the most prominent challenges for renewable energy assets owners and managers?

Generally, it consists of continuously improving the performance of power plants, while ensuring their safe operation.

To achieve these goals, a specific software solution, which predicts and prevents failures in a timely manner and manages data across the enterprise efficiently, is extremely helpful.

For this motivation Cubico Sustainable Investments, one of the largest privately-owned renewable energy companies in the world, is choosing BaxEnergy’s secondary SCADA solution to improve the efficiency of its PV power plant portfolio.

Founded in 2015, Cubico Sustainable Investments has installed capacity of nearly 3 GW, and have more than 3 GW in construction and development, across 200 assets in 12 countries.

Cubico is headquartered in London and has offices in São Paulo (Brazil), Athens (Greece), Milan (Italy), Austin and Stamford (US), Mexico City (Mexico), Madrid (Spain), Sydney and Melbourne (Australia), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Bogotá (Colombia).

The company is backed by the resources of Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, Canada’s largest single-profession pension plan, and PSP Investments, one of Canada’s largest pension investment managers. For our project, we worked very closely with  Cubico’s team in Italy in order to understand what they specifically needed to improve their assets’ performance.

BaxEnergy provided its innovative solutions to enable the easy handling and storage of all Cubico’s Italian PV power plant lifecycle information, operations and activities in one unique place.

In particular, Cubico appreciated 3 key-features of our solutions:

  • the possibility of having a single solution that allows them to manage all the solar plants in the same platform
  • the ability to create customized reports and features, such as automations for contractual availability calculation
  • the user-friendly interface of our platform and our support for dashboard customization

By using BaxEnergy’s solutions, Cubico adopted powerful tools for a complete visualization, which monitors and controls their assets and gathers precious information (a.e. filling the holes through the data quality tool and the exact calculation of the assets’ availability) to make the best data-driven decisions and maximize their power plants’ performance.

Starting with the data entered in their system, our solution enabled Cubico to create customized graphs and dashboards and set automation of action for certain conditions.

Alessandro Lodi, Head of Business Development and Sales at BaxEnergy, stated, “We are very happy and proud to support Cubico Sustainable Investments in this project with their photovoltaic systems in Italy, allowing us to demonstrate the potentialities of our platform, while working with a wonderful team like Cubico’s!”

We are confident that it will be just the beginning of a long-lasting partnership with Cubico Sustainable Investments and meaningful in terms of future perspectives.

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