EDF EN Portugal optimizes reaction time

Thanks to Energy Studio Pro®, the energy provider increases efficency and reduces energy loss

The company EDF EN Portugal is a subsidiary of the French Group, EDF Énergies Nouvelles, one of the world’s largest energy provider. With the headquarter located in Lisbon and the technical office in Esposende, the company successfully constructs and operates wind parks in the northern part of the Country. EDF EN Portugal as a leading player with its 500 MW of wind power monitored with Energy Studio Pro®, largely supported the zero emission milestone set in 2016 by Portugal, when for 107 hours the entire country has been powered by renewable energies. For the 2020 Portugal has set a goal of generating 45% of its energy from renewables.

The Challenge

Given the increasing number of power plants and the growth of the installed power, EDF EN Portugal needed a central data hub for realizing powerful overviews and analysis of its wind parks.

With the existing manufacturer SCADA and its basic reporting capabilities, we were not been able to perform complete asset monitoring, control and reporting across all power plants in effective and secure way

explains Mr. Humberto Sousa, Operations Director of the company, who adds:

On top of this, our overriding concern was the ability to remotely manage important real-time data and alarms everywhere at any time.

The Decision

These crucial factors pushed EDF EN Portugal to look for the most flexible and powerful platform available in the market: that is where Energy Studio Pro® came in.

When we went into the market looking for such complete solutions, it was immediately clear to us that BaxEnergy offered a turnkey solution tailored to our specific needs,

remembers Mr. Humberto Sousa who remarks

the company’s experience and open philosophy in renewable energy and technology are two important pillars that differentiate BaxEnergy from other players in the market and this has greatly contributed to our choice.

The Solution

Since 2010, Energy Studio Pro® is a valuable team member of EDF EN Portugal, which gained complete control of the OEM data, implementing an independent data acquisition chain. The company also benefits of advanced and automated notification systems to supervise the timing and the quality of the work being done onsite. With a full mobile real-time visualization, control room operators and field technicians can react instantaneously to any problems, virtually eliminating any delay in reducing the reaction time and effectively reducing the downtime in the power plants, says Mr. Humberto Sousa who points out:

All in all, thanks to Energy Studio Pro®, we managed to accomplish our greatest challenge with success.

The Result

EDF EN Portugal is using Energy Studio Pro® in its daily operations, by achieving immediate tangible improvements in terms of reaction time’s optimization, direct reduction of energy loss and increased return of the investment. Additionally, thanks to its friendly use automated tools Energy Studio Pro® allows the company’s personnel to quickly calculate the most common KPIs as well as to prepare advanced reports with ease. By looking back at the successful collaboration with BaxEnergy, Mr. Humberto Sousa highlights the future plans of the company to scale up with Energy Studio Pro®, by expanding the wind portfolio with the addition of other technologies such as solar power.