Energy Management System

Future-proofing your production
Integrated edge-technology platform for energy
optimization and dispatchment in the smart grid.

Plan and control multi-technology, multi-vector, local and virtual,
integrated energy systems with ease from a single platform

Our energy management system works as an intelligent central brain capable to take affective decisions on how to utilize energy to your advantage. Consume energy when the price is low, sell it when the price is high, optimize energy and hydrogen storage. BaxEnergy offers you a comprehensive, scalable solution – ranging from field-level energy data aggregation to grid-wide energy analysis at the management level.


Scalable from few generation units to a GW scale smart grid. Get ready for the future: our EMS
grows with your business.


Take in account real-time measures and machines status, weather forecasts, market trading, grid criticalities, maintenance operations, off-takers demand. Provide fast feedback to machines
and operators.


Define an energy management optimization policy, mitigate shortfall risks. BaxEnergy EMS enables you to analyse consumption data, identify potential energy savings and provide a long-term boost
to efficiency and productivity.

Key Features

Key Benefits

Comprehensive, integrated energy management from field level to management level

Balance an optimize power
consumption and costs

production costs

Easily identify energy
efficiency actions

Avoid load peaks and
spread loads evenly

Increase the overall
plant productivity

Multi-technology scenario

Adapted to a multi-technology scenario, our EMS central brain receives real-time data from edge-brains which collect information and send inputs to the energy management system regarding power production, generation units’ status, planned and unplanned maintenance, weather and power forecast, demand level and market price. It manages and harmonizes systems composed of wind and solar plants, hydroelectric and thermoelectric plants, battery energy storage systems, H2 production and storage systems, industrial deferrable loads, hydrogen refueling stations.