Enel Green Power Chile relies on BaxEnergy solutions to maximize power plants’ performance, feeding the Country with clean energy

Santiago/Chile, March 2017: Enel Green Power Chile, subsidiary of ENEL, utilizes BaxEnergy turn-key solution Energy Studio Pro® for monitoring its renewable pole across the Country and maximizing power plants efficiency

Enel Green Power Chile utilizes BaxEnergy turn-key solution

Surrounded by mountains, desert and ocean, with over 6.000 km of coastline and 123 active volcanoes, Chile is one of the World’s richest countries in terms of renewable energy potential. The Atacama Desert in the North is widely considered the greatest location for solar installations in Latin America. Similarly, strong wind, geothermal and hydropower resources exist across the Country, making Chile a flourishing energy market.

Key catalyst of Country’s green growth is the Energy Ministry’s ambitious target to produce 40% of energy from renewable sources by 2030. As result of this, Chilean government is tacking significant steps forward to liberalize the energy market with a firm commitment to support large investments in renewable projects.

With its growing renewable pole, Enel Green Power Chile is playing a central role in the Country’s energy transformation, fostering power generation from sun, wind, water and the Earth’s steam and turning Chile into an open-air laboratory featuring the most cutting-edge solutions. Aiming at maximizing power plants’ efficiency, EGP Chile has adopted BaxEnergy’s turn-key solution Energy Studio Pro® for real-time monitoring more than 760 MW of renewable energy distributed over a wide portfolio of different technologies.

Enel Green Power Chile utilizes BaxEnergy turn-key solution BaxEnergy Monitoring and Controlling Room implemented in Enel Green Power’s headquarters in Santiago, Chile. Image coutesy of Enel Green Power.

By closely working with EGP Chile since 2014, BaxEnergy has implemented in company’s headquarters in Santiago a Local Control Room (LCR), equipped with the latest technological innovations that transform customer’s challenges into reliable solutions. Among the new technologies put in action for EGP Chile, BaxEnergy team of experts has developed an advanced custom “human machine interface” (HMI) that collects and gather together power plants’ large volume of data, transforming them into interactive and intuitive visual information. As EGP’s green hub spreads out across the Country, the Global HMI provides to company’s personnel a full vision of the entire portfolio of assets including generation units, substations, and energy feed-in into the transmission lines.

In addition to the Global HMI, BaxEnergy has also equipped EGP LCR with screens to visualize the interconnections existing between each power plants and the national power grid. Using single-line diagrams EGP technicians can better control clean energy transmission to the electricity grid, avoiding rapid voltage, frequency fluctuations and above all complying with regulation on power limitations set by the ERAG, Chile’s National Grid Operator. The monitoring room provided by BaxEnergy assumes a double value for EGP: while it enables the company to define its own control loop and the desired set point for power integration, it also helps to timely reduce energy flow and respecting national network’s set point.

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With BaxEnergy’s flexible and customizable solutions, EGP Chile is now running its mixed portfolio more efficiently, taking full advantages of cost-effective renewable technologies such as the alarm viewer and the remote control. The implementation of this sophisticated module of Energy Studio Pro® allows EGP to create custom alarms based on specific group of events such as high temperature, power disruption or devices inefficiency. By receiving instantaneous notification, LCR operators can quickly intervene to minimize energy losses and restore devices’ true performance. Additionally the power plants’ remote control is bringing a number of benefits to the company that – in case of faults – can stop, reset or restart generation units located across the Country at anytime and anywhere. “The remote control we have implemented in Chile is surely one of the most complex and rigorous we have brought into reality so far, with a high level of precision to guarantee balanced energy production plans”, said Ferdinando Chiacchio, Application Engineering Manager at BaxEnergy, who continues: “The innovative projects we are carrying on with EGP in Chile are key drivers to further develop our knowledge and expertise with the final scope to offer best-in-class technologies that meet and exceed customer expectation.”

While Chile is hard at work to reach its targets for 2020-2030, the Chilean branch of ENEL is well on the track to implement its energy roadmap that foresees in the upcoming future the additional integration into Energy Studio Pro® of the 112 MW Sierra Gorda wind farm as well as the 48 MW Cerro Pabellòn, the first geothermal power plant in South America.

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