Energie Eolienne du Maroc adopts AssetStack for a smarter asset lifecycle management

Casablanca/Morocco, July 2017: BaxEnergy’s asset management solution ensures the Moroccan Company optimal operation and maintenance services, making management processes leaner

For energy providers, ensuring renewable assets are available and fully operating is essential for optimizing return on investments. Therefore, centralizing in one unique place and keeping under control all the information and activities related to power plants, warehouses, human resources, and health and safety procedures is vital to increase business performance while reducing total operating costs and time. However, this continues to be a big challenge in the daily work, as it was the case for Energie Eolienne du Maroc.

With an expanding network of different assets, keeping track of all the activities needed to efficiently manage its renewable portfolio was no small task for the Company, which lacked of a trustworthy asset management system. That is where BaxEnergy’s brand-new asset solution, AssetStack came in.

Fully working to support and satisfy the entire spectrum of customer needs, BaxEnergy is providing to Energie Eolienne du Maroc a comprehensive asset-management platform, designed to transform business critical processes into leaner ones, boosting the overall team productivity.

AssetStack distinctive features – extremely intuitive, easy to set up and highly customizable – are thus enabling the Moroccan company to better handle and execute different type of activities that range from scheduled maintenance, to recurring payments, tickets, work orders as well as legal duties and safety procedures.

“It’s about making the job as simple as possible for our customer”, explains Mr. Stefano Scrivo, Senior Project Manager of BaxEnergy’s Enterprise Business Unit, who continues saying: “It is very demanding for executive, O&M managers and technicians to manage all those tasks by themselves. Rather, AssetStack helps them to properly take care of asset lifecycle, becoming the best-in-class company’s memory.”

As BaxEnergy’s solution is built to be open and flexible, Energie Eolienne du Maroc, is tacking full advantage of AssetStack extensibility points, implementing its own reference designation system for their entire assets, custom workflows and automation process, such as the calculation of specific asset KPIs to perform accurate analysis and preventive interventions related to a number of issues, from device replacements to failure or others criticalities. Additionally, AssetStack inventory management will help company’s personnel to generate custom tickets on periodic basis to keep everything up date with Country’s legal requirements and energy regulation.

“The project we are implementing for Energy Eolienne du Maroc is the result of a fruitful and proactive collaboration based on a mutual exchange of ideas and thoughts”, says Mr Stefano Scrivo who concluded saying: “Dedicated to move innovation forward, here in BaxEnergy, we are constantly listening our customers because their involvement and contribution is fundamental for improving our solutions in order to satisfy both their demands but also those of the growing energy market.”

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