EnergieTEAM and BaxEnergy hit the 100th wind park milestone

France, June 2020.

BaxEnergy and EnergieTEAM reinforce their long-lasting collaboration with the integration of the 100th wind park monitored by the former. The French group develops, builds and operates wind farms throughout France since 2002, nowadays standing among the top three leading operators in France with its 100 wind parks, 1.095 MW and 440 wind turbines.

The partnering history dates back to 2014, when EnergieTEAM choose BaxEnergy to monitor 8 of its wind parks. In 2018, the collaboration strengthened thanks to the signature of the contract to monitor and control the full EnergieTEAM’s portfolio of 80 wind parks in ESP® and AssetStack® on Cloud. The combination of products and technologies offered by BaxEnergy, combined with high flexibility, scalability and configurability are the key factors that led to the adoption of the product on such a large scale.

Year by year, BaxEnergy has been following and supporting the relentless growth of its French partner, providing solutions to optimize needs and requests. BaxEnergy has provided EnergieTEAM with an Intelligent Remote Operation Center platform as well as with a system for asset management and a data platform that is strongly integrated also with third party systems. In addition, automatic control systems enabled our French partner to be compliant with national and environmental regulations, optimizing the use of human resources through automate processes.

Parc Oursel- Maison. Image courtesy of EnergieTEAM.

The synergy between EnergieTEAM and BaxEnergy recently hit a significant milestone with the integration of the 100th wind park monitored by I-ROC (Intelligent Remote Operation Center) exceeding 1GW of installed power. Throughout the enduring partnership, EnergieTEAM has been multiplying its business, employees and offices all over France backed up by an open, flexible, scalable and secure platform which allowed for a high customization capacity and strong technology to access and monitor data from any type of technology and any type of manufacturer.

“We are really proud to share the same road as EnergieTEAM in the process of making renewable energy more available throughout France. The 100th wind park integration milestone shows that expertise, team work and a strong technology are the backbone of a lasting and successful partnership.”

Simone Massaro- CEO at BaxEnergy

“We thank BaxEnergy for this result and the work already accomplished; we still have a long way to go and in a relatively short time to make further progress and achieve an efficient system that meets the challenges of renewable energies tomorrow. Thank you for the collegial work between our companies so that each can provide the best solutions for tomorrow”

Emmanuel Robert- General Director at EnergieTEAM

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