EVN and BaxEnergy keep on collaborating with a 10-years agreement for PV implementation

The Austrian company and BaxEnergy keep on working together for the integration of PV power plants in Energy Studio Pro® version X.

EVN is a leading, international and publicly listed energy and environmental services company, with headquarters in Lower Austria, the country’s largest federal province.

EVN and BaxEnergy: collaborating since 2015

The partnership between EVN and BaxEnergy is a long-lasting and fruitful one.

Starting out in 2015, EVN chose BaxEnergy as the most efficient software platform to monitor and control, through Energy Studio Pro® and AssetStack®, more than 25 wind power plants, amounting to approx. 400 MW till date.

In 2020, the partnership literally moved to the next level, when the Austrian company carried out the strategic choice to migrate the existing Control Room Platform to a new Cloud server infrastructure and to upgrade to state-of-the-art solution Energy Studio Pro® version X.

A ten-year contract for PV power plants implementation

Following 5 years of successful collaboration with BaxEnergy, EVN decided to implement its existing and future PV power plants in ESP-X. 

The solution, to be hosted on Cloud, will provide secure and robust data collection architecture, extended data modelling and harmonization across all OEMs, real-time SCADA visualization from mobile devices, custom KPI calculation such as availability and efficiency, and reporting across all power plants.

Long story short, Energy Studio Pro® will allow EVN to define custom KPIs, alarms and reports so that their operators can intervene promptly if solar strings are underperforming.

But having a complete vision of the assets is essential, literally.

The solution? BaxEnergy will also provide the implementation of a real-time 2D map which allows operators to access to string-level information in real time, visualizing different colors to each string based on production levels so to visually locate issues on the map and direct on-site technicians.

This not only helps operators to be proactive in fixing panels, but it also helps to safeguard yield.


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