EVN to Lift & Shift on Cloud

To sustain its growth strategy and economy of scale, EVN is about to upgrade BaxEnergy’s ESP to Version X and move its data on Cloud.

About EVN

EVN is a leading international listed energy and environmental services company based in Lower Austria. EVN offers electricity, gas, heat, drinking water supply, sewage disposal and thermal waste recycling “from a single source” based on the latest infrastructure. Its energy business includes the sale of electricity to end-customers in Germany, Bulgaria and North Macedonia, the sale of gas to end-customers in Croatia, as well as the production of electricity in North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania and Germany.

The EVN Group is currently active in 16 countries. In the 2018/19 financial year, 44.4% of sales outside Austria were generated in the markets of Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

About BaxEnergy

Founded in 2010, BaxEnergy has developed a pioneering software for the monitoring of the production cycle of renewable power plants combined with turn-key solutions for industrial data collection and analysis. Over time BaxEnergy has interconnected nearly 100 GW of renewable energy in over 20 countries, monitoring over 50,000 different generation units and 1 million data signals.

“BaxEnergy has been present in Austria since 2011, deploying more than 1,2 GW of projects” says Alessandro Lodi, Business Development Manager at BaxEnergy.

The partnering history with EVN started in 2015, when the latter chose BaxEnergy as the most efficient software platform to monitor and control, through Energy Studio Pro® and AssetStack®, more than 25 wind power plants, amounting to 385,23 MW. 

Lifting to ESP-X & Shifting on Cloud

Representing one of the fundamental practices for the development of Industry 4.0, Cloud has become the primary location for companies to store data. The main advantage of moving on Cloud concerns the possibility to store data and access it from any device connected to the Internet, in real time and from any place.

With the migration of the existing Control Room Platform to a new Cloud server infrastructure and the upgrade to state-of-the-art solution Energy Studio Pro® version X, EVN carried out a strategic choice which will:

  • Maximize the value of assets through secure and robust data collection architecture,
  • Ensure extended data modelling and harmonization across all O&Ms,
  • Make real-time SCADA visualization available from mobile devices anytime anywhere,
  • Provide custom KPI calculation such as availability and efficiency and reporting across all power plants.

24X7 ICT Infrastructure Monitoring & Cyber Defense

Leaning on Microsoft Azure Cloud server infrastructure, BaxEnergy will provide multiple levels of control in network infrastructure to afford continuity and protection, such as DDoS protection and flexibility to avoid server crashes during high traffic periods by dynamically scaling up the Cloud infrastructure solution and regulatory compliance to protect business and financial data.

“Through this solution we aim at making critical infrastructures, such as energy ones, trusted and controlled. The exponential growth of the quantity and value of data directly corresponds to the importance of adopting reliable and dynamic solutions. Migrating data to BaxEnergy’s Cloud platform provides EVN with an easy to access and secure platform in which data are constantly monitored and available in real-time for action-oriented decisions” said Simone MassaroCEO at BaxEnergy.

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