Hynamics: driving the energy transition towards hydrogen

BaxEnergy signs a strategic partnership with Hynamics to jointly work on an innovative project for  hydrogen monitoring and control in France.

Hydrogen constitutes an effective and available response to climate change and to present needs, representing the only practical, technically feasible, carbon free fuel. Hydrogen offers positive characteristics both from an energetic and environmental point of view, which may make its adoption advantageous on a large scale. Compared to the lower calorific value of fuel, hydrogen presents high electrical efficiency, with values ​​ranging from 40-48%. Moreover, hydrogen presents low environmental impacts, both regarding gaseous and acoustic emissions, which makes it possible to place systems in residential areas and, consequently, particularly suitable for the production of distributed electricity.  Finally, hydrogen can be used in cogeneration: cogenerated heat can be available at different temperatures, in the form of steam or hot water, and used for sanitary uses, air conditioning, etc.

BaxEnergy real-time monitoring of hydrogen refueling station.

BaxEnergy and HynamicsEDF group business line dedicated to low carbon and/or renewable hydrogen, have been collaborating since 2019. Hynamics has realized the POC in order to get ready for its future projects to come. The French company has installed BaxEnergy’s cutting-edge software on a hydrogen refueling station in the East of France which provides onsite hydrogen production through an electrolyser fed with renewable energies, which is part of the “H2ME – Hydrogen Mobility Europe” project. The latter aims at deploying the largest pan-european network of hydrogen vehicles and refueling stations across Europe up to date. It will provide customers with more than 300 vehicles and 29 refueling stations, of which 3 stations and about 100 vehicles will be deployed in France. Currently, BaxEnergy’s cutting-edge software provides remote monitoring and control of the station’s performances.

Simone Massaro, CEO at BaxEnergy, affirms that “renewable and low-carbon hydrogen is the key-factor for a zero-pollution economy and represents a unique opportunity for technological research and development. At BaxEnergy, we look forward to a sustainable economy and, through our cutting-edge technology and the collaboration with Hynamics, we are committed to contribute to the energy transition towards green hydrogen”.

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