ImWind to Start Managing BaxEnergy Operations in Germany

In an effort to be closer to customers and provide additional operational services, BaxEnergy has decided to join forces with ImWind Technik GmbH. This partnership complements the BaxEnergy skills in designing cutting-edge software solutions for renewable energy by adding remarkable domain knowledge and power plant operational capabilities.

ImWind has been pioneering wind energy projects in Austria and Germany since 1995 and then expanded to other European countries including Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. At present, ImWind directly operates 350 MW of wind energy in Austria. While the core business remains wind energy, ImWind also operates PV and hydro power plants. A pivotal achievement of ImWind was the construction of the highest wind park of its time, Tauernwindpark, 2000 meters in the Austrian Alps. Built nearly 20 years ago, the park is still amongst the highest 5 in the world thus witnessing the technical mastery of the ImWind team.

We are happy to join BaxEnergy’s team in such a special manner” Richard Distl, ImWind Managing Director, said. “This is definitely a great opportunity and our will is to work hard and impress with high quality projects and services.”

Moving the service center from Germany to Austria is a step on the way to dramatically improve the service and heralds BaxEnergy’s intention of bringing field experts, and not just sales managers, physically closer to the market and power plants. Simply, ImWind is a well-known made by consultants with years of experience in operating renewable power plants, even those built in quite unusual locations such as Tauernwindpark.

The partnership with ImWind eliminates entirely any residual barrier between our team and our customers” Simone Massaro, BaxEnergy CEO, said. “We now have in house the experience deriving from operating and optimizing operations for hundreds of MW of wind farms, including those with the highest level of availability in the entire Austria and some of the most challenging one such as the Tauernwindpark which is one of the highest in the world.”

For German customers, ImWind will close the gap between problems and solutions and will do that using the power of the spoken language and the force of their domain knowledge and technical skills. ImWind will provide first-level support and then scale up to BaxEnergy’s experts in case of tougher issues always shielding customers from any language or technical barriers.

ImWind is an energy consulting company with a number of existing customers and a finite set of needs and resources. “We don’t see any sort of pending conflicts” cut it short Richard Distl and Simone Massaro in unison. “We don’t have competing customers and we’ll put enough resources at work to ensure prompt and effective response to any inquiries and challenges.”

As popular wisdom reminds, sometimes the best and the brightest are closer than one might think. And sometimes it even speaks your same language!

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