ImWind unleashes the full data potential

The Austrian company uses Energy Studio Pro® to make accurate and timely decisions

The ImWind Technik GmbH, as part of the ImWind Group which was founded in 1995, is an engineering company that successfully develops and operates renewable energy power plants in several different countries, with the main focus on operations of wind farms in Austria. Starting with 60 wind turbines with a total installed power of 152 Megawatts at the beginning, the ImWind Technik GmbH is now using BaxEnergy’s Energy Studio Pro® to monitor, analyze and optimize 95 generation units of different manufacturers in 14 assets with a total installed power of 242 Megawatts, including a photovoltaic power plant.

The challenge

With the increasing number of wind turbines and different manufacturers, ImWind faced several problems that demanded a powerful power plant management solution with customization options, in order to operate the assets more efficient and less time-consuming.
As soon as you start to operate wind farms of more than one supplier, they become hard to manage says Richard Distl, Managing Director and Head of technical operations at ImWind Technik GmbH, who highlights that keeping the data quality high is the biggest challenge. That’s where Energy Studio Pro® came in.

The decision

Of course, it was important for ImWind not to choose just any power plant management software, but a solution that is tailored to their individual needs, without limiting access to the system and scalability at the same time. We carried out a market analysis and it came out that Energy Studio Pro® was the best solution remembers Richard Distl and adds:

A significant factor for us was to get an open solution that allows us to access the data-base directly, if needed, because I do not like pigs in a poke.

The solution

Energy Studio Pro® is set up in ImWind’s monitoring room in Vienna and assists them in various ways. With the help of workflows, they generate personalized reports automatically and the innovative alarm viewer with custom alerts notifies them as soon as their power plants are underperforming, even if the manufacturer SCADA tells them that they are performing well. On top, Energy Studio Pro® allows them to easily evaluate and compare production, availability & efficiency KPI.

The result

Since they introduced Energy Studio Pro®, ImWind has been much more responsive to power plant issues.
The solution saves us valuable time and money and is now a big part of our daily business. Without Energy Studio Pro®, I would need ten more employees to keep the quality at the same level says Richard Distl, who emphasizes that the people at BaxEnergy know their business very well:
Programmers, database experts and product developers – they are all on a high level.
After five years, ImWind looks back on a successful partnership with BaxEnergy and towards a bright future.