Italian transportation to plug and move into E-Mobility with Be Charge and BaxEnergy

Be Charge and BaxEnergy to accelerate EV mobility all over the country.

From North to South, energy is the bridge and being able to access it anywhere and anytime constitutes an act of profound democratization. The concept is even more noteworthy when two Italian companies, significantly based in Milan and Sicily, join forces to build this digital connection.

On January 13th 2021, BaxEnergy and Be Charge signed an agreement for the implementation of a groundbreaking Remote Control and Monitoring System of up to 5.000 Electric Vehicle Charging units, with the overall objective to accelerate national access to forms of clean transportation.

Be Charge has been developing one of the biggest publicly-available EV charging networks in Italy. To date, over 3,400 charging points have been installed all over the national territory and 5,000 more are being designed or installed as part of a plan that, in the coming years, will reach 30,000 points in 2030, using both alternating current (22 kW) and direct current up to 300kW.

With an expected scale upgrowth of 30,000 charging points maintenance has significant importance for the Italian company. Consequently, the most efficient solution to undertake would be to invest in a specific project that will lead to a top-tier Control and Monitoring System with huge advantages from an economic and organizational point of view.

That’s when BaxEnergy stepped up for Be Charge as a truly differentiated solution provider with its deep domain experience in monitoring the production cycle of renewable power plants and industrial data collection and analysis.

Image courtesy of Be Charge

Be Charge and BaxEnergy’s conjoint journey towards the progressive decarbonisation of Italian economy will allow for an overall optimization of EV charging points, both from a technical and management perspective. In fact, the collaboration will ensure the implementation of sustainable infrastructures and processes, the increase of EVC time availability to avoid production losses, the centralization of information so to be available for analytics, the automatization of data exchange as well as the optimization of human resources with the growing number of installed EVCs.

Clean mobility is not just a commodity, rather it represents a change in the paradigm of how transportation is conceived. All over the country, the more people will have access to charging point infrastructures, the more electric mobility will be democratized. The key to a sustainable transformation is vision and leadership: it’s not only about technology, it’s about people that drive the change and we are proud to start this new journey with Be Charge”.

Simone Massaro, CEO at BaxEnergy